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Election Update [Posted Dec 18, 2010]
On Tuesday December 14th, the collected ballots for the 2010 KCDOA election were tallied...  Each of the three people running for office were unopposed.

For President:    Kevin Dees    [53 votes]
For Secretary:    Phil Morley    [52 votes]
For Treasurer:    Robert Pfeifle    [52 votes]

Each Director will start their new term on January 01, 2011.

Contract Talk Update [Posted Oct 01, 2010]
Contract talks between KCDOA and the County continued on Wednesday September 29th. 

The majority of the meeting consisted of discussion revisiting several KCDOA ideas from previous offers.  At the completion of the meeting, two things were very apparent...

01.  The County does not agree with us that many of our ideas are cost neutral.  We contend that some would actually save the County money, but the only acceptable changes for them seem to be the ones that they propose.

02.  We have been told by the County's negotiators that the Board of Supervisors have directed them to not allow anything new (in our MOU) that could be remotely perceived as a new benefit or enhancement of current benefits. That being the case, it would seem that politics and public perceptions are more important than actual negotiation.

Your negotiation team believes that the Board of Supervisors has mandated that certain changes must occur, and with arbitration being non-binding, they have little incentive to bargain in good faith.

The County has been unwilling to move on the retirement and medical components of their proposals which would have all employees pay the maximum allowable amounts for both.  They call this lack of movement "hard position" bargaining...  Others with a different perspective might call it "bad faith bargaining". 

The CAO's office has indicated they will be briefing the Board of Supervisors about the status of our negotiations on October 12th and will provide us with a new offer soon after that. 

Contract Talk Update [Posted Sep 10, 2010]
The KCDOA MOU negotiation team briefly met with the County on Thursday, but due to a crucial absence from the County's team, both parties agreed to postpone the meeting and subsequently rescheduled it for Wednesday September 29th.  
Fall '10 Election Notice [Posted Sep 01, 2010]
This Fall, KCDOA will hold an election for the following 3 positions on the KCDOA Board of Directors:

Members elected into these positions will serve a 2 year term from January 2011 through December 2012.  All KCDOA   members are encouraged to run.  Anyone interested must submit a short letter or email to KCDOA by 1700 hours on Friday October 29th, 2010.  Your communication must simply and clearly state your intention to run, the position sought, and a concise platform statement if you choose to include one.  Your letter may be submitted to any current Board Member, mailed to the address listed below, or emailed to:
Kevin Dees  (President)
Scott Robinson (Vice President)
Anthony Leal (Secretary)
Amanda Van Allen (Treasurer)
Phil Morley (Director)
Todd Dearmore (Director)
Martin Santillan (Director)
Max-Med Squad 1
Pre-Trial Squad 4
Pre-Trial Squad 4
Max-Med Admin
Pre-Trial Squad 2
Max-Med Squad 3
PO Box 81534
Bakersfield, CA 93380

This election is scheduled to occur during November 2010.
Future Board Meeting Dates Announced [Posted Sep 01, 2010]
The following KCDOA board meetings have been scheduled:


Wednesday, October 13 @ 1930 hours
Tuesday, December 14 @ 1300 hours (vote count meeting)


Wednesday, January 12 @ 1930 hours
Tuesday, March 15 @ 1930 hours
Wednesday, May 18 @ 1930 hours
Tuesday, August 16 @ 1930 hours
Wednesday, October 19 @ 1930 hours
Tuesday, December 13 @1300 hours (vote count meeting)

These meetings will be held at the association office unless otherwise noted.

August General Membership Meeting Announced [Posted Aug 15, 2010]
The next KCDOA membership meeting is scheduled for Tuesday August 31, 2010 at the association office.  Topics set for discussion include the Fall KCDOA Board election, a contract negotiation update, and much more.  Please try to attend the meeting if possible.  See you there.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010 - 1930 Hours


KCDOA Office, 3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308

The KCDOA office is located behind Champs BBQ and the BLM building in the office complex across from
the Bakersfield Californian printing facility.
Contract Negotiation Update [Posted Jul 18, 2010 - Updated Aug 15, 2010]

County finds year-end cash -- again
Bakersfield Californian - July 6, 2010


County Supervisors were clearly unwilling to cut additional services and/or layoff additional employees (not wanting to further affect the County citizens/voters) to mitigate the apparent 15+ million dollar deficit and balance their budget as they are legally mandated to do.  Instead, they opted to shift the budget gap on to the backs of their employees.   This was done while they simultaneously reversed a previous budget cut increasing the deficit by an additional million dollars.  During the same period they also chose to continue funding to several third party organizations including 4H and the local symphony among others. The choice to fund third party organizations while laying off County employees and attempting to reduce the net take home pay of many employees by more than 30% has certainly made many County employees question their place in the organization.


However, as the news story above indicates, the County has -once again- "found" enough couch cushion surprise money to avert the impending financial disaster for a second year in a row.


During all of this, your negotiation team has received several offers from the County and we have submitted one counter offer.  The only significant change in the County offers has been a steady reduction of the sought salary cut.  And although it has not been officially received, it was indicated that the proposed salary step freeze will soon be removed as well.  Additionally, the County now finally seems willing  to move the contract negotiation period away from the yearly budget process...  KCDOA has been making this request for years.  Although the County's financial problem has been (temporarily) fixed, they are clearly still wanting employee concessions as their financial projections for the coming years look bleak, due largely to the cost of employee pensions.  Contract talks between KCDOA and County are set to resume in August.


**UPDATE** - The County and KCDOA continued negotiations on August 5th.  During the meeting the County's negotiators first discussed our recently submitted proposal, then they submitted a new offer to us.  We took a short break then returned a verbal counter offer.  All in all, it seems that some minor progress may be occurring.  For additional details, please contact a KCDOA Board (or negotiation team) member.  Talks are set to continue in September.

Membership Workshop Information [Posted Jun 01, 2010]
KCDOA and COPS invite our members to attend informational workshops scheduled on the 15th and 17th of June.  The workshops, both containing the same content, are being scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate members of all squads and facilities.  If you don't know the answers to all of the questions below, you should plan on attending.  The workshops are FREE and LUNCH IS PROVIDED!  Please RSVP to Vice President Robinson
See you there...

     Do you know your rights?      Are you entitled to legal representation?
     Will you get a lawyer if you need one?     What is the Peace Officer Bill Of Rights (POBOR)?
     What am I entitled to during an internal affairs investigation?     What are the "course and scope" of my duties?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010 (0900-1400)
Thursday, June 17, 2010 (0900-1400)


KCDOA Office, 3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308

The KCDOA office is located behind Champs BBQ and the BLM building in the office complex across from
the Bakersfield Californian printing facility.

County Proposes Take Home Pay Reductions of Over 30% for MANY County Employees [Posted May 19, 2010]
The County CAO's office has submitted a contract offer to all County employee associations including KCDOA.
Here are the details:


Three years, to expire June 30, 2013


1.  No increase in salary.
2.  Freeze all salary step increases.
3.  Salary reduction of up to 13.5%.

Health Benefits

Effective with the first day of the first pay period following adoption of the MOU, all employees including employees not currently paying, shall be required to pay twenty percent (20%) of the employee and dependent premiums for health insurance.


Effective with the first day of the first pay period following adoption of the MOU, all employees not now contributing to retirement will commence a retirement contribution equal to one-third (33.3%) of the individual employee’s contribution.

Effective with the first day of the first pay period following each subsequent fiscal year of the agreement, for all employees not now contributing to retirement, the individual employee’s contribution will increase by an additional one-third (33.3%), reaching 100% of the individual employee’s contribution at the conclusion of the three-year agreement.

Existing employees that are still in the five-year paying cycle (i.e., hired before June 23, 2007) would, at the time they achieve the five-year “vesting” date, regress to the 1/3 or 2/3 contribution schedule that the non-paying employees are on. For instance, an employee who achieved the five-year date in the first year of the agreement would regress to a contribution of 33.3%, year two 66.6%, and 100% in year three.

Effective January 1, 2011, revert to the 2% at age 50 retirement tier (31664) for new employees.

Support the County’s efforts to remove SRBR for future employees.


Mutual agreement re-opener in years two and three.

May Membership Meeting Announced [Posted April 22, 2010]
The next KCDOA membership meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 26, 2010 at the association office.
All members are encouraged to attend if possible.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 1930 Hours


KCDOA Office, 3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308

The KCDOA office is located behind Champs BBQ and the BLM building in the office complex across from
the Bakersfield Californian printing facility.
Don't be a Spectator, Lead as a Negotiator [Posted April 22, 2010]
The 2010 contract negotiation cycle is about to begin... If you're interested in being considered for a spot on the negotiating team, contact any one of the KCDOA Board Members.  This is your chance to affect change!
February KCDOA Membership Meeting Announced [Posted January 13, 2010]
The next KCDOA membership meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 9, 2010 at the association
office.  All members are encouraged to attend if possible.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - 1930 Hours


KCDOA Office, 3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308

The KCDOA office is located behind Champs BBQ and the BLM building in the office complex across from
the Bakersfield Californian printing facility.
Election Results [Posted December 16, 2009]
The Fall 2009 KCDOA election ballots have been tallied...

A total of 65 valid ballots were received and counted.

For Vice President:  (1 candidate for 1 available position):
[ 52 ] Scott Robinson

For Director:  (3 candidates for 3 available positions)
[ 44 ] Todd Dearmore
[ 48 ] Phil Morley
[ 42 ] Martin Santillan

The new Board members will begin serving their 2 year terms in January 2010.

For 1300/1400 layoff procedure:
[ 35 ] "Yes" (in favor of moving under section 1400 of the Civil Service for safety employees)
[ 29 ] "No" (for remaining under 1300 of the Civil Service code for general employees)
KCDOA & County Negotiation Teams Meet With Mediator [Posted December 9, 2009]
Earlier today your contract negotiating team met with a state mediator in an attempt to bridge the gap currently existing between the parties (KCDOA and the County).  No progress was made.
Counting the 2009 KCDOA Election Ballots [Posted December 8, 2009]
The ballots for the current KCDOA election are scheduled to be counted next Wednesday (December 16th) at 2 pm in the KCDOA association hall on Pegasus Drive.  All members are encouraged to attend and assist and/or watch the ballot counting process!  Election results will be posted on the KCDOA web site.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009 - 1400 Hours


KCDOA Office, 3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Impasse Declared in Contract Talks [Posted November 10, 2009]
The KCDOA and County contract negotiation teams have agreed to jointly declare 'impasse' after meeting earlier this afternoon and failing (once again) to reach an agreement.  In September, KCDOA members soundly rejected a tentative 1 year agreement reached by the two teams which would have had a significant financial impact on KCDOA members.  That significant financial impact would be felt by members who already witnessed the County and Sheriff's Office lay off 37 of their fellow Detention Deputies in order to meet the same year budget requirements.  As a result, members now question why any additional financial concessions are necessary this year.

The impasse declaration is slated to go before the Board of Supervisors on December 1st.  At that time, they could request continued negotiation, or (more likely) begin the process of third party mediation.  If the County does not accept or agree with the mediator, the County could then begin the process of forcibly imposing a contract.

November KCDOA Board Meeting Notice [Posted November 10, 2009]
The next KCDOA Board of Directors meeting is set for next Wednesday November 18th at the association
office.  As always, members are encouraged to attend if possible.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 - 1930 Hours


KCDOA Office, 3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308

The KCDOA office is located behind Champs BBQ and the BLM building in the office complex across from
the Bakersfield Californian printing facility.
KCDOA Election Update [Posted October 31, 2009]
With the 'notice of intent to run' election deadline now passed, the candidates for the available KCDOA Director (and VP) positions are now set.  The number of candidates is equal to the number of vacancies.

There is one candidate for the one Vice-President position:

Scott Robinson

There are three candidates for the three Director positions:

Todd Dearmore, Phil Morley, and Martin Santillan

In addition to the board seat election, the ballot will also include a question and detailed information about the Civil Service layoff procedure rules (1300 vs. 1400).

The ballots will go to the printer sometime this week, and you should expect to receive yours in the mail shortly there after.  If this information is not already posted at your work site, please feel free post it on your KCDOA bulletin board.

Fire and Police Promotion at Knott's Theme Park (Nov 26 - Dec 20) [Posted October 31, 2009]
Knott's Theme Park salutes Fire & Police personnel with free park admission November 26 through December 20.  The offer is good for fire and police personnel and their spouse, or one guest.  Up to six additional tickets can be purchased for only $15 each.  Fire and law enforcement ID required.
Facebook, MySpace, and You [Posted October 18, 2009]
With the popularity of social networking sites such as and, many law enforcement officers are posting work-related and/or inappropriate information (or images) online without understanding that it can lead to departmental discipline and/or termination.  The following article originally appeared on, the online resource for Law Enforcement, and is reprinted by permission of the PoliceOne editorial team and the author.  Visit PoliceOne to access articles, information, and resources that help officers across the United States protect their communities, and stay safe on the streets.

Top 10 social networking tips for cops
Weinblatt's Tips
with Dr. Richard Weinblatt

In the wake of the widely-known “Texas waitress” photos which led to the firing of one Midland County Deputy and the suspension of three others, a look at how online technology has impacted the world of the law enforcement officer is warranted. This is not a new occurrence. Recall the Hoboken, N.J., SWAT team disbanded following “racy” Hooters girl pictures bearing weaponry on police vehicles. By virtue of the Internet’s viral nature, everyone eventually saw the pictures in question.

As someone who oversees Basic Police Academies, currently in Ohio and previously in Florida, I have long advised students on the benefits of the wise use of an online persona. While some officers totally bypass any use of online sites in a bid to protect themselves, I view that as throwing the baby out with the bath water. I advocate a more controlled use of those outlets.

I personally make much use of technology having accounts on a variety of social networking Web sites including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Blogger, and Linkedin among others. I have for many years, including when I served as a police chief, with no negative consequences.

These are useful tools for personal and professional networking and communication, but like any tool — such as a firearm or a TASER — can be abused. It is the professional officer who knows how to use these technology tools responsibly and in accordance with departmental policies and community morals who gets the benefits. It’s the officer who ignores policies — and common sense — who gets in trouble.

Many officers have forfeited an otherwise promising career for a few moments of posting euphoria. While other folks may garner only a chuckle in response to their online adventures, a professional law enforcer is held to a higher standard than ordinary citizens. But bear in mind that even in the private sector, many an employee has been sent packing by an employer unhappy over some social networking misstep.

From the advent of digital photography to omnipresent social networks like Facebook, the phenomenal growth of technological innovation has had an incredible impact on many aspects of law enforcement. Here are some tips for using the new online social networking tools without sacrificing your career.

1) No gun glorification. While this may upset Second Amendment supporters out there, the reality is that a significant number of the public does not like to see a glorification of firearms in pictures of law enforcers. Quite a few officers have lost their jobs after posing with weaponry in a way perceived as offensive or too “warrior oriented.”

While the depiction of guns in the course of their normal scope and use is not problematic, aiming the gun at the camera seems to trigger the pink slip. Shots of officers engaged in their normal course of fire at the gun range have not appeared to bring about a backlash. Posing with weaponry, involving either the officer or (worse yet) a civilian, has historically been problematic for the employee.

2) No alcohol. Officers have also found themselves in the hot seat after posting pictures of them partying and drinking alcohol. Many agencies view this to be contrary to a professional image. Of even more concern is that sometimes others identified in the pictures turn out to be minors in possession of alcohol which opens up another can of issues.

3) Watch your comments. This is an important one. Posted comments on social networking sites are being dragged into legal proceedings especially when use of force is involved. Comments that imply the officer enjoys using force on people, especially certain groups of people, are being seized on by criminal defense and civil plaintiffs attorneys to show the officer had a pre disposition to be physical or has a documented bias against their client.

Be mindful that discussion boards and the like are a public written record of your communication. Like reports and radio dispatch conversations, they can be discovered and frame your actions in a context that you may not like. Much like reports, if you don’t want it dragged into the legal arena, don’t type it online.

4) Avoid bashing the department. Another area that has gotten some officers into trouble — the First Amendment freedom of speech not withstanding — are comments which bash the agency. Depending on how it’s framed, it could open you up to administrative charges and possibly civil liability. More and more bloggers and online posters are being held responsible for their critical speech online. Especially if it is later proved that the postings lack a factual basis and are intended to damage the target of the criticism.

At the very least, launching such a site or contributing to an existing Web site that bashes the agency does not endear you to the powers that be or position you as a “team player” ripe for promotion.

5) Restrict personal information. Much like we can use Facebook and the like as a tool to find people and research information, so can the bad guys. Be judicious in the posting of information and pictures. For example, some officers will not use pictures of their family members or going even further, of themselves. Others withhold their cell phone number.

6) Picture Choice. Make sure that the pictures that you do choose to post don’t have any of the aforementioned problem areas or have nudity. Many officers, including myself, have shirtless bodybuilding or fitness oriented photos online. That is not a problem. The topless woman drinking at the party with you exemplifies what is a problem.

7) Minimize status update complaints. In this year of economic contraction, there are many people waiting in line for your spot in the agency. Administrators know this. This goes back to number four above, but we’ve all seen the officers that post their status with complaints about the shift, their sergeant, or the job. Some supervisors, after reading such negatively tinged status updates, say, “OK, let so and so find another job if they are so unhappy here.”

While not every job is going to be great each and everyday, gripes should not be aired via status updates. The agency may be perfectly happy to find someone else that would appreciate them.

8) Highlight accomplishments. Many look to Facebook, Linkedin, and the like as electronic resumes. Take advantage of that and use it to highlight your professional accomplishments. Post pictures of you learning some new technique (being careful not to show scores or other information). Post status updates of that advanced training course you take.

9) Manage your privacy settings. While I have my online presence open to the public, many have privacy settings that restrict access to family and friends that you have predetermined. While not foolproof, the settings should keep most interlopers locked out of your pages.

10) When in doubt, leave it out. I have long coached academy students and officers to pretend that I am perched on their shoulder and watching what they are doing. In the same vein, they could have their mother hovering overhead. If you wouldn’t want us to see it or if either of us would be displeased with what is being contemplated to go online, it probably is not a good idea to upload it.

Dr. Richard B. Weinblatt is a criminal justice educator, former police chief, police media commentator and an instructor in multiple disciplines. He is Florida Criminal Justice Standards certified in general law enforcement topics, firearms, defensive tactics, and vehicle operations, as well as holding instructor certifications for Taser, pepper spray, and expandable baton. He holds the Certified Law Enforcement Trainer (CLET) designation from the American Society for Law Enforcement Training (ASLET).

Weinblatt is Director of the Institute for Public Safety at Central Ohio Technical College near Columbus, OH. He previously was professor and program manager for the Criminal Justice Institute at Seminole Community College in Sanford, FL. Dr. Weinblatt has worked in several regions of the country in reserve and full-time sworn positions ranging from auxiliary police lieutenant in New Jersey to patrol division deputy sheriff in New Mexico to police chief in North Carolina.

Dr. Weinblatt has written extensively on law enforcement topics since 1990. He had a regular column in Law and Order Magazine for a decade and he has also written for Police, Sheriff, American Police Beat, Narc Officer, and others. Dr. Weinblatt has provided media commentary on police matters for local and national media including MSNBC and CNN HLN.

Dr. Weinblatt earned a Bachelors degree in Administration of Justice, a Master of Public Administration in Criminal Justice, an Education Specialist degree in Educational Leadership and a Doctorate of Education.

Weinblatt may be reached through

KCDOA & Sheriff Youngblood Participate in Fund Raising Golf Tournament [Posted September 30, 2009]
The Kern County Detention Officers Association was an event sponsor of the 2009 Lights and Sirens golf tournament on Monday September 28th at the Seven Oaks Country Club.  The event raised funds for San Joaquin Hospital's Grossman Burn Center.  Sheriff Youngblood participated in the event and golfed with one of the two KCDOA teams.

KCDOA would like to thank Sheriff Youngblood and the following participants (KCDOA members):

P. Morley, S. Robinson, E. Ramirez, J. Frank, J. Ashley, J. Christo, T. Kresha, and K. Yi. 
KCDOA Members Reject Tentative Contract Agreement [Posted September 23, 2009]
KCDOA members have rejected the tentative contract agreement that was reached between the
County and KCDOA negotiators. 

Ratification vote totals:

72 = Against contract ratification
22 = For contract ratification
94 = Total votes cast

Please continue to check the website for additional information as it becomes available.
2009-2010 MOU Ratification Vote [Posted September 08, 2009]
Your negotiating team and County negotiators have reached a tentative agreement on a one year contract
(ending June 30, 2010).

A ratification vote will be held at the Association's office:

3701 Pegasus Drive, Suite 103
Bakersfield, CA, 93308

On the following dates and times:

Tuesday September 22nd and Wednesday September 23rd from 1600 to 2100 hours.

There will also be a KCDOA Board meeting at 1930 on Tuesday September 22nd at 1930 hours.
September Board Meeting Announced [Posted September 08, 2009]
The next KCDOA general membership meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd at the association
office.  Members are strongly encouraged to attend as this will be one of two days in which voting will take place
on the tentative contract offer (it will not be mailed out to members this year).  There are numerous other issues
set for discussion as well.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - 1930 Hours


KCDOA Office, 3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308
The KCDOA office is located behind Champs BBQ and the BLM building in the office complex across from
the Bakersfield Californian printing facility.
** IMPORTANT** Purchase of Prior County Service [Posted September 08, 2009]
Part of the new tentative contract agreement between County and KCDOA negotiators would have those
employees who are currently contributing towards their retirement for five years, contribute for an additional
two years (total of seven).

However, some members may be able to purchase prior County service (prior permanent or extra help)
which would be credited toward the five year threshold.  Other service (i.e. military or other public agency) will
not be credited to the five year threshold.

Anyone in this situation, who wants to take advantage of this opportunity, needs to do so prior to the
implementation of the new MOU.  Any member able to do so should strongly consider this option as it could
amount to a significant amount of savings.  If you believe this might apply to you, please call KCERA for
verification and additional information.
KCDOA and County Reach Tentative Contract Agreement [Posted September 03, 2009]
The KCDOA negotiating team and County negotiators have reached a tentative agreement on a one year contract (ending June 30, 2010). 

Below are the items slated to change:

1.  Employees not currently paying anything toward their medical premium cost will begin paying
     10% of the premium cost.

2.  Those employees who are currently contributing towards their retirement for five years will contribute
     for an additional two years (total of seven).  Those who have already completed the five years do not
     have to resume retirement contributions.

Additionally, KCDOA agrees to consider re-opening talks regarding alternate retirement tiers (non-binding).

It is anticipated that a ratification vote will occur at the association office later this month.  Details will be posted here on the web site as soon as they are finalized.
Recap of the September Undersheriff/Chief Meeting [Posted September 03, 2009]
KCDOA met with Undersheriff Williamson and Chief (W. Wahl) on Wednesday morning.
The Undersheriff indicated that it looks like the Department may be able to hire back 2 more full time Detention Deputies that were laid off.  They are continuing to keep a close eye on the budget and if possible, they intend to continue hiring back as many as possible due to normal retirements/attrition etc.
The Chief indicated that he intends to backfill the Detention Deputy Sergeant positions that will become vacant due to upcoming retirements.
With the Sheriff's Office losing the law enforcement contract in McFarland, the Department may soon have 8 'extra' Deputy Sheriffs.  They may be absorbed through attrition, but it is possible that there could be Deputy Sheriff layoffs as a result.  (doubtful though as some current KCSO Deputy Sheriff's may be hired by BPD and/or McFarland PD).
As you may know, the KCDOA Board of Directors recently made an official request to the Sheriff for Detention Deputies to begin wearing red patches in an effort to improve unity between the Deputy classifications.  As a result, administration indicated they will soon be putting out a survey to gauge the response of all Detention Deputies.  Administration will not move forward with the idea unless they have a clear indication (i.e. strong majority) of Detention Deputies that support the idea.  Please encourage everyone to answer the survey.
The ICE contract has been renegotiated and should bring in some much needed unanticipated revenue. 
The Chief mentioned the possibility of a bike patrol for the Lerdo Compound (perimeter) and is interested in KCDOA's input about it.  It would not be additional positions, but more than likely a collateral duty of an existing position(s).
A previous discussion about the need for specialized uniform hats at the Minimum facility (ball caps and beanies) was continued.  The Undersheriff asked for an official request for consideration from KCDOA.  The Undersheriff noted that he and the Chief recently witnessed an Officer wearing a "brown" (faded black) ball cap which are no longer authorized (during normal weather conditions).  The brown appearance of the cap is strongly disliked by administration is one of the reasons that it's use was scaled back in policy.
KCDOA/COPS Make Contract Offer To County [Posted August 10, 2009]
Earlier today, KCDOA and COPS proposed the following contract offer to the County:

1.  TERM - Two year term beginning after ratification by both parties.

2.  MEDICAL - KCDOA members currently not paying any employee contribution towards their medical
     insurance coverage would begin paying 10% of the cost of the premium.

3.  RETIREMENT - MOU Section Article VI, Section 2 (D) is to be amended from 5 years of service to 7 years
     of service.  [employees currently slated to pay towards their retirement for 5 years would be extended to 7]

4.  EXCLUSIVITY - Any work in a detention facility by a sworn Sheriff's Office employee (excluding members of
     this bargaining unit) is limited to the Central Receiving Facility.

The offer is slated for closed session discussion during the Board of Supervisors session tomorrow.  The next negotiation meeting has been scheduled for Monday August 24.
Update From The Monthly Undersheriff Meeting [Posted August 10, 2009]
During the routine monthly meeting between KCDOA and Sheriff's Office administration (Undersheriff Williamson and Chief W. Wahl) several items were discussed.  This is a brief summary and recap of that meeting:

KCDOA asked about uniform reporting of Deputy injuries (be it Deputy Sheriff or Detention Deputy) as assaults on Detention Deputies and any resulting injuries are typically not noted in departmental press releases.  It was discussed that a static threshold (such as charging the inmate with PC 69 or greater) could be used as a trigger for any news/media release etc.  The Undersheriff asked that we get the feedback of our members to make sure this is something that the members/employees want as their names may be included in a news release etc.

The Undersheriff said that 37 Detention Deputies were laid off and that 3 have since been brought back as extra help.

The Chief said he would be meeting with all of the Detention Sergeants soon.

The Sheriff's Office has asked the County to start Sergeant testing on both halves of the house and they should be opening up this week.

It was asked if Detention deputies are permitted to work at CRF on overtime shifts.  They are.

It was asked if the Department would support a KCDOA request to civil service to move Detention Deputies under section 1400 for layoff procedures.  The Undersheriff indicated that if the Sheriff approved, the Department would provide KCDOA with documentation indicating no opposition.

The recent uniform policy changes were discussed and KCDOA requested that the department utilize a committee system (as was done in the past) with representation from the Detentions.  KCDOA proposed the utilization of alternative casual head wear at the minimum facility during the summer and winter months.  The advantages of beanies for the winter and ball caps during the summer were discussed.  The Undersheriff and the chief indicated they would put the idea forward to the Sheriff for consideration.  If either or both are approved, the following conditions would likely apply:

    a.  Items would only be approved for use at minimum.
    b.  Items would only be approved for use during certain months.
    c.  Items would only be used around inmates, not the public (@ KMC etc)

If you have an idea/concern/kudo/etc that would like KCDOA to discuss with administration, please contact any KCDOA Board Member for consideration.  Thank you!
Fall '09 Election Notice [Posted July 29, 2009]
This Fall, KCDOA will hold an election for the following 4 positions on the KCDOA Board of Directors:

Members elected into these positions will serve a 2 year term from January 2010 through December 2011.  All KCDOA   members are welcome to run and anyone interested must submit a short letter or email to KCDOA by 1700 hours on Friday October 30th, 2009.  Your communication must simply and clearly state your intention to run, the position sought, and a concise platform statement if you choose to include one.  Your letter can be submitted to any current Board Member, mailed to the address listed below, or emailed to:

This election is scheduled to occur during November 2009.
Kevin Dees
Phil Morley
Anthony Leal
Amanda Van Allen
Marty Stancliff
Robert Pfeifle
Carlos Quiroz
Vice President
Max Med Squad 1
Max Med Utility
Pre Trial Squad 2
Pre Trial Squad 2
Minimum Squad 3
Pre Trial Squad 2
PO Box 81534
Bakersfield, CA 93380
County Flatly Rejects KCDOA Offer [Posted July 16, 2009]
Your negotiating team met with the County's negotiators earlier today...  They flatly rejected the first offer from KCDOA (detailed in the news post below) which included nearly $1.8 million in contract concessions.  The County made it very clear that they are unwilling to work with KCDOA to prevent the 45 Detention Deputy layoffs which have already been authorized.  Although the County has "located" an unanticipated $36.2 million in their general fund carry over balance, and KMC generated a $10 million profit for the fiscal year just ended, they have decided against using any of those funds to match the proposed KCDOA concessions and reverse the layoffs.  The concessions proposed by KCDOA were contingent upon matching money from the County.

The County did present KCDOA with a verbal contract offer.  Your negotiators asked the County to provide their offer formally in written form.  The County negotiators refused.  The County offer would have all Detention Deputies paying the maximum employee contribution towards their retirement indefinitely.  

The County negotiators stated they are being "responsive" to us...  We leave that to you to decide.

At this time, your negotiating team believes it is most prudent to wait for the finalization of the County and State budgets before progressing further with contract talks so that all of the monetary variables will be known.  As a result, the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 10, 2009.
KCDOA Submits Formal Offer To County Seeking To Cooperatively Spare 45 Layoffs [Posted July 09, 2009]
The KCDOA contract negotiating team has submitted a formal contract offer to the County which includes several temporary one year contract concessions.  The concessions are contingent upon additional money from the County.  The combination of KCDOA concessions and additional County money would prevent all Detention Deputy layoffs.  The offer is scheduled to be presented to the Board of Supervisors next Tuesday July 14, 2009 in closed session.

Please keep in mind that any offer (be it this one or any future one) that is tentatively approved by your negotiating team and the County representatives must be ratified by a vote of KCDOA members and the Board of Supervisors before it can be implemented.

Please contact a KCDOA Board or negotiating team member If you have any questions.


KCDOA Proposes Concessions Contingent On Sparing Layoffs [Posted July 06, 2009 - Updated July 09, 2009]
Earlier this afternoon KCDOA proposed to make several contract/MOU concessions contingent upon preventing Detention Deputy layoffs.  The value of the concessions is approximately 1.8 million dollars. 
The temporary concessions include the following:

1 year 4% salary reduction.
1 year suspension of uniform allowance.
1 year suspension of built in overtime (working 84 straight hours instead of 80+4).
1 year suspension of two holidays (MLK & Presidents Day).

All of the above would revert to previous levels after the 1 year time period.


Detentions union offers pay cuts to save jobs - The Bakersfield Californian
Detention Deputies fight for jobs and offer 4% pay cut - KGET Channel 17

Next Tuesday The Board Of Supervisors Will Consider Layoffs & Facility Closure [Posted July 02, 2009]
In the afternoon session beginning at 1400 hours:

Item 23 (County Administrative Office)

Response to referral on June 30, 2009, regarding budget options for providing up to an additional $4,000,000 to the Sheriff’s Department, budget options to fund Tier 1 child protective services programs in the Human Services Department, and description of impacts to departments on the options, and analysis of economic effects of homelessness within the County (Fiscal Impact: None) - DISCUSS AND PROVIDE DIRECTION

Item 24 (Sheriff)

Proposed deletion of one-hundred-seventy (170) positions [Link to Board Letter] to include: one-hundred-thirty (130) Detentions Deputies, resulting in ninety-three (93) layoffs; four (4) Crime Prevention Specialists, resulting in two (2) layoffs; twenty-two (22) Office Services Technicians, resulting in one (1) layoff; six (6) Sheriff's Report Technicians, resulting in four (4) layoffs; six (6) Evidence Technicians, resulting in six (6) layoffs; and one (1) Sheriff's Aide, resulting in one (1) layoff, effective July 25, 2009 (Fiscal Impact: $13,146,513 FY 2009-2010; Budgeted; Discretionary) - APPROVE; REFER TO PERSONNEL TO AMEND DEPARTMENTAL POSITIONS AND SALARY SCHEDULE

-The 130 Detention Deputy positions referenced above break down like this:

45 Layoffs of experienced Detention Deputies being replaced by brand new inexperienced Deputy 1's.
48 additional Detention Deputy layoffs required if the Lerdo Minimum facility is not funded.
37 vacant Detention Deputy positions being deleted regardless.
Detention Deputy Fact Or Fiction [Posted June 30, 2009]
In today's Bakersfield Californian news story [Another tough budget choice: detention vs. patrol deputies] Sheriff Youngblood made the following claims:

#1  The cost of putting new deputies in the jail is just about the same as the cost of the detention deputies they will be replacing.

Reality:  The revised Deputy 1 classification which he is proposing, while nearly indistinguishable in cost during years 1 through 5, will place an unnecessary heavy financial burden on the County, his department, and taxpayers from years 6 through their retirement costing 16.8% more than a Detention Deputy by year twenty.  This calculation includes Detention Deputy 'longevity pay' which Sheriff Youngblood incorrectly stated 'counters the value'.  Please see the chart below:

#2  Sheriff Youngblood indicated that the deciding factor in his decision was that the proposed Deputy 1's could be utilized on the streets during a crisis.  He stated, "I cannot do that with a detention deputy."

Reality:  The California Penal Code states otherwise.  Penal code section 830.1(c) [which designates Detention Deputies as peace officers and details their statewide peace officer authority] clearly states the following: "...or when performing other law enforcement duties directed by his or her employing agency during a local state of emergency."

Proposed Detention Deputy Layoffs And Minimum Facility Closure [Posted June 29, 2009]

Another Tough Budget Choice: Detention vs. Patrol Deputies - The Bakersfield Californian
Detention Layoffs Protect Deputy Jobs? - The Bakersfield Californian (Staff Blog)
Lerdo Jail Entangled In Budget Discussion - The Bakersfield Californian
Sheriff Warns Of Inmate Releases, Layoffs From Budget Crunch - KBAK Channel 29
July Board Meeting Announced **SHORT NOTICE** [Posted June 26, 2009]
Due to recent announcements by the Sheriff, the next KCDOA general membership meeting has been moved up to Wednesday, July 1st at the new association office.  Members are strongly encouraged to attend.  Sheriff Youngblood has been invited to attend this meeting and address his Detention Deputies.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009 - 1930 Hours


KCDOA Office, 3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103, Bakersfield, CA 93308
The KCDOA office is located behind Champs BBQ in the office complex across from the Bakersfield Californian printing facility.
Sheriff Plans To Replace Cheaper Detention Deputies With More Costly "Deputy 1's" At CRF [Posted June 26, 2009]
Earlier this morning, your KCDOA Board of Directors, along with a COPS representative, met with Sheriff Youngblood, the Undersheriff, and the Chiefs.  Sheriff Youngblood briefly spoke about the ongoing budget situation and the possible outcomes.  The Sheriff detailed two likely scenarios that are dependent on the amount of money that the department receives from the board of Supervisors. 

Best Case Scenario - If the Sheriff's Office receives the amount of money being sought, he will lay off 45 Detention Deputies and 15 Civilian staff.  This is in addition to the 40+ existing Detention Deputy vacancies.  As part of this plan, he will begin transitioning the CRF facility to staffing by 'Deputy I' officers.  The revised 'Deputy I' officers would be able to work in the jail(s) indefinitely.  Additionally, they will qualify for the "F" pay step increment and POST certificate pay which Detention Deputies do not receive, making them significantly more costly.

Worse Case Scenario (for now) - If the Sheriff does not receive the additional money being sought, he will do the above, and in addition he will close the Minimum facility and lay off and additional 48 Detention Deputies, for a total of 93.

The situation could become even more severe in the coming weeks if the State decides to raid County coffers to make up for the failure of Proposition 1A et al.

Concerned KCDOA members may wish to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting next Tuesday June 30th (afternoon session).

Although Deputies are more costly than Detention Deputies, the Sheriff has no plan to lay off any Deputies. 
KCDOA Launches Public Information Campaign [Posted June 24, 2009]
The Kern County Detention Officers Association has begun a public information campaign touting the benefits of the Detention Deputy job classification.  Highlighted in the campaign are the specialized jail training that Detention Deputies receive and the cost effectiveness of the classification in comparison to Deputies.  Radio spots voiced by KCDOA founding/past President Paul Hussey are currently airing on KERN, KNZR, and KGFM radio stations.  Billboards are viewable (starting Thursday the 25th) in 14 different locations around the greater metropolitan Bakersfield area.  Additionally similar web ads will begin appearing on the Californian's web site.  Additionally, the KCDOA web site now features a splash page that includes County Supervisor contact information as well as links to the ads.
Team KCDOA (Softball) Finishes 3rd In WSPFG And Takes Bronze [Posted June 20, 2009]
Congratulations to all of the KCDOA members who participated in the 2009 Western States Police and Fire Games softball competition this past week.  KCDOA Sponsored two teams in the event.  Team KCDOA made it to the medal round and finished in third place taking the bronze medal. 

Team KCDOA Members:  T. McCuan, D. Lancaster, K. Cierley, C. Ashley, A. Gillespie, B. Johnson, P. McNeil, G. Benevides, B. Germanetti, R. Shepp, D. Ashley, S. Miller, K. Albitre, E. Barajas

Not Pictured:  D. Earl, D. Moore, R. Pfeifle

Shift Bid Update [Posted June 12, 2009]
On Wednesday June 10th, the upcoming July shift bids were abruptly cancelled due to the current "budget situation".  The Detentions Deputy shift bid process is detailed and protected by the KCDOA MOU.  After this occurred, the KCDOA President began immediate communications with Sheriff's administration.  The shift bid cancellation may have occurred in part due to an accidental miscommunication or misunderstanding.  After these communications, Sheriff's administration moved to reinstate the shift bids.  KCDOA hopes to continue working with the Sheriff's Office on any budget related issues so that any resulting negative impacts on the members of KCDOA can be minimized.
County / Sheriff Budget Update Next Tuesday [Posted May 29, 2009]
The Board of Supervisors is slated to receive a monthly budget update this Tuesday June 2, 2009 during their afternoon session (1400 start time - agenda). 
All KCDOA members interested in the budget and how it may affect them, through possible layoffs or and/or facility closures, should watch proceedings on CountyNet or KGOV Live.


New round of deep county cuts floated - The Bakersfield Californian
Law Enforcement Cuts (Interview With Sheriff Youngblood) - KGET Channel 17 VIDEO
County Agencies Slicing Staff - KGET Channel 17 VIDEO
 KCDOA Receives First Contract Offer From Kern County [Posted May 28, 2009]

Pictures Of The First Board Meeting At The New Office [Posted May 27, 2009]
May Board Meeting Scheduled - New Office Open House [Posted May 7, 2009]
The next KCDOA Board of Directors meeting is set for Tuesday May 19th at our new association office on Pegasus Drive across from the Californian's printing facility.  Board meetings will no longer be held at Papa O's Pizza!  Come join us for the office open house as well as discussions about the ongoing County and Sheriff's Office budget woes, the pending contract negotiations, and much more.

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
1930 Hours


KCDOA Office
3701 Pegasus Drive Suite 103
Bakersfield, CA 93308

The KCDOA office is located behind
Champs BBQ in the office complex
across from the Bakersfield Californian
printing facility.

View Larger Map


Kern County Settles Inmate Wrongful Death Civil Suit [Posted April 14, 2009 - Updated April 15, 2009]

County settles jail death lawsuit for $6 million
The Bakersfield Californian


          Sheriff Donny Youngblood declined comment on whether any policy changes have been made to
          prevent a future such occurrence. He said he did not want to taint the jury in the upcoming criminal
          trial.  Youngblood said, however, “This case is not about a policy issue. It’s about a violation of law
          and whether that happened, only a jury can tell us.”

County Settles for $6 Million in Jail Death Lawsuit - VIDEO
KERO Channel 23


          Cohn said he understands a new attorney will represent one of the defendants and that means the
          court proceedings, which are scheduled to start May 11, will be delayed again until the fall at the

County settles wrongful death suit for $6 million - VIDEO
KGET Channel 17


          About $1 million of the settlement will come out of taxpayers' pockets from the county general fund.
          The other $5 million or so is covered by insurance.

Latest KCSO/County Budget News [Posted April 4, 2009]
On Friday, County departments turned in their preliminary step down budgets (15, 25, and 33% respectively) to the CAO's office.  This is the real starting point for the 2009-10 budget process.

MEDIA:   Work on potentially painful county budget begins  -  The Bakersfield Californian


          "Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood, who runs the county's largest general fund department,
           took the most dire interpretation of how the cut would hit his operations.  He estimated a 15 percent
           cut would cost the county 250 to 300 deputy jobs.  "We've cut everything else in the last round,"
           he said. "Every $100,000 is a deputy."  Youngblood said he doesn't believe his department will really
           be cut that heavily because public safety is a top priority for supervisors and the public, but all county
           departments have to calculate the 15 percent cut and that's what he's come up with."
March Board Meeting Set [Posted March 2, 2009]
The KCDOA Board of Directors will be meeting on Wednesday March 18th.  Get the latest news and information about the Sheriff's Office budget, MOU contract talks, and how it all could affect you and your family!  Don't believe the rumors...  Be involved, be there!

When:  Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 - 1930 Hours
Where:  Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant - Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road

Pancake Breakfast To Benefit Eveland Family [Posted March 2, 2009]
KCDOA and KLEA have partnered to collect donations for the Eveland family.  Join us Wednesday morning (March 4th) from 0700-1100 at the KLEA hall at 3417 Pegasus Drive for a pancake breakfast. 
County And Sheriff's Office Budget Concerns [Posted February 3, 2009]
On Tuesday evening, the Board of Supervisors approved a request from the CAO's office to authorize a 'meet and confer' with all County employee associations (like KCDOA) regarding mandatory furloughs for County employees.  The Board of Supervisors will continue budget discussions Thursday morning at 9 am.


County declares fiscal emergency amid $34 million deficit - VIDEO (including interview with Sheriff Youngblood)
KBAK Channel 29

Kern County employees brace for painful cuts - VIDEO #1 - Budget Reality - VIDEO #2 - Budget Cuts - VIDEO #3
KGET Channel 17

Supervisors want $34 million budget-cutting plan
The Bakersfield Californian


          "Rubio called for county department heads to tell supervisors what a 10 percent cut over the next five
           months could mean for them ... Sheriff Donny Youngblood said he'd have to lay off 400 to 500 deputy
           sheriffs and detentions deputies, effectively demolishing his gang unit, vice unit, property crimes
           division and forcing him to release 1,300 jail inmates."
KCSO Detentions In The News [Posted January 16, 2009]
"Sheriff finds way to make new jail more affordable" - The Bakersfield Californian (January 10, 2009)


     The county would take the grant from the Correction Standards Authority, build the new building,
     tear down the dilapidated minimum security wing at Lerdo and shift all the inmates and staff to the
     new structure.  By shifting existing staff and resources to the new building, Undersheriff Marty
     Williamson said, the county could save 40 to 50 percent of the $20 million operational cost of the
     new building.  Youngblood said the minimum security wing has to be torn down anyway.  “It’s just
     falling down. It was built by inmates in 1986,” he said. The state has told us it’s the worst jail they’ve
     ever seen.”

...And new Livescan equipment may be heading our way... Here's the board letter (in PDF format) for the Board of Supervisors meeting next Tuesday.  It is listed as a recommended 'approve', but it is not on the consent agenda which means approval is nowhere near certain or automatic and will more than likely be a topic of supervisor discussion.

January Board Meeting Set [Posted January 6, 2009]
The KCDOA Board of Directors will be meeting on Tuesday January 20th.  Contract talks will be starting up soon (a little over 2 months from now) and we would like to hear your suggestions and ideas as we continue to prepare for that process.  See you there!

When:  Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 - 1930 Hours
Where:  Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant - Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road

Election Results Are In [Posted December 10, 2008]
The votes have been counted (and recounted!).  Kevin Dees has been elected to another 2 year term as the President of KCDOA, and Amanda Van Allen has been elected as the new Treasurer of KCDOA.  Secretary Leal ran unopposed.  

64 - Kevin Dees
51 - Mark Dickerson

111 - Anthony Leal

57 - Amanda Van Allen
56 - Martin Santillan

Members F. Rodriguez and
S. Robinson assist VP Morley
with ballot counting.

Additionally, the membership responded negatively to all three PAC questions.
PAC (Political Action):

62 - No
53 - Yes
PAC Contribution:

60 - No
30 - Yes
PAC Participation:

89 - No
16 - Yes
There were a total of 124 ballots were received.  Eight ballots were disqualified for either a lack of signature, not being received via the USPS mail system, or being received late, leaving 116 'valid' ballots.
Thanks to the KCDOA members who attended/assisted/observed the ballot counting.

The KCDOA Board of Directors would like to thank Martin Santillan for his four years of service, dedication, and hard work as the first KCDOA Treasurer.  Martin was one of a few key individuals who were instrumental in the formation of KCDOA.  Martin will continue representing the KCDOA membership on the COPS Board of Directors and as a contract negotiation team member in 2009.
Help Us Count The Ballots [Posted November 24, 2008]
The 2008 election ballots are scheduled to be verified and counted on Wednesday December 10th at Tailgaters (on Truxtun Ave across from the Civic Auditorium) at 1 pm.  All members are welcome to attend, assist, and/or supervise the process.
KCDOA Election Update [Posted October 31, 2008]
The notification deadline has passed for members interested in running for positions on the KCDOA Board of Directors. 
For the office of President: Kevin "Danny" Dees (Board incumbent)
Mark Dickerson
For the office of Secretary: Anthony Leal (Board incumbent)
For the office of Treasurer: Martin Santillan (Board incumbent)
Amanda Van Allen
For additional information, check the candidate information page.  The election is scheduled to occur in November, and the winners are slated to take office in January, 2009.
Knott's Berry Farm - 16th Annual Salute To Fire And Fire Personnel [Posted October 30, 2008]
"Free admission to Knott's for you and a guest*.  Plus, up to 6 people for $15 each.  Join us for our Charlie Brown Christmas celebration, featuring thrilling rides, a Holiday Parade, Snoopy's Ice Show and Santa!"

Promotion runs from Thanksgiving Day through December 21, 2008.

For additional information and full details, click on the thumbnail picture to the right for a larger version, or download the PDF version of the flyer here.

November Board Meeting Set [Posted October 29, 2008]
The KCDOA Board of Directors will be meeting on Wednesday November 19th.  Keep up to date on the latest news from KCDOA, the County, and KCSO administration.  Current topics will include the KCDOA Director election, possible changes to the ADR component of 4850/worker's compensation, and a recap of the recent COPS convention.  Additionally, we have scheduled in a brief presentation from Herocare which you may find informative.

When:  Wednesday, November 19th, 2008 - 1930 Hours
Where:  Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant - Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road

KCDOA Director Elected To Seat On COPS Board [Posted October 22, 2008]
On Saturday October 18, 2008, KCDOA Treasurer Martin Santillan was elected to the COPS Board of Directors at their biennial convention.  Due to the number of KCDOA members (being one of the larger groups in COPS), Martin will cast 4 votes on KCDOA's behalf.  Five KCDOA Directors attended the convention, the COPS membership meeting, and the training seminars that were offered.  
Medical Plan Status and Prescription Formulary Changes [Posted October 8, 2008]
Earlier today, KCDOA attended a meet and confer with the County regarding the status of the current medical plans and some new prescription formulary changes...  The unofficial details below are KCDOA's current understanding of the information provided by the County, their medical plan consultant 'Eric Barthel', and a representative from CatalystRX.
The "good news" is that we were told the premiums for the POS (point of service) medical plan remained unchanged from years 07-08 to 08-09.  So, if understood correctly, employees who pay the 20% portion of their medical insurance costs (with the POS plan) should not see an increase this year.
For employees in one of the alternative plans, the costs for both the Kaiser and MCS-EPO medical plans have gone down (ranging between -11.5% and -17.52% depending on number of beneficiaries etc).  So employees with those medical plans, who pay the 20% portion of their medical insurance costs, may see a reduction in their contribution.
The CAO's office indicated that under their health plans there are currently 3,444 annual prescriptions for Nexium.  As a direct result of the related costs for those prescriptions, the County may soon make an alternative over the counter medication available to employees for free.
They indicated similar changes may soon be occurring with certain allergy medications as well.
The County is planning to change the distribution of "self-injectable" drugs for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and auto immune diseases etc.  The County has selected 'Walgreens' (mail order) as the sole provider of the medications for various reasons.   Employees who are prescribed this type of medication will be contacted by the County and/or CatalystRX with additional information.   
October Update From Admin [Posted October 8, 2008]
Each month, representatives from the KCDOA Board of Directors meet with Undersheriff Williamson and Chief W. Wahl in an effort to continue open and direct communication between the Sheriff's Office administration and the leadership of your association.  The topics of discussion vary widely from policy updates to departmental and association concerns and issues.

Below is a recap of some of the items discussed at the meeting last week:
MAX-MED - The Chief indicated that the opening of additional dorms at Max-Med may be postponed into 2009.
PROMOTIONS - As a result of a possible delay in opening additional dorms at Max, the Chief may not promote as many Seniors as quickly as originally planned.
UNIFORMS - The Undersheriff indicated that the uniform policy may be streamlined and simplified in the near future.  The current 5.11 uniform may remain unchanged, but some specialized uniforms (ie: training staff etc) may be eliminated.  We asked that the administration -please- work specifically with the minimum facility regarding consideration for any specialized uniform gear they may need due to the temperature extremes and the fact that many staff can be on the yard for hours on end.
8 HOUR SHIFTS - Administration is still examining the feasibility of transitioning from 12 hour shifts to 8 hour shifts.  A decision has not been made, and they are waiting for a staff report for additional information.
NEXT CORE - The next core is scheduled for March '09, but administration is hoping to move it up to January or February (depending on backgrounds).
PHYSICAL FITNESS TESTING - Administration indicated that the first physical fitness test (of the new program) may only be about one month out.
TAKE HOME VEHICLES - KCDOA asked if a payroll deduction plan (like the one recently implemented for Deputies with take home patrol vehicles) could be offered to Detentions staff, who previously had take home vehicles, for those willing to make a similar payroll deduction to offset departmental fuel costs.  The idea was rejected...   
Back To School Supply Drive [Posted August 8, 2008]

The Kern County Detention Officers Association has launched a 'back to school' supply drive and community project named “Securing Education”.

Every fall children start the new school year without the necessary supplies.  Money just doesn’t seem to go as far as it did in past years.  Our economy is down and families are feeling it.  Ultimately our kids are the ones who it usually affects when money is tight.  “Securing Education” is the next KCDOA project for the children of the local community.  We would like to see students, who otherwise may not have been able to, receive a new backpack filled with necessary supplies for their 2008 – 2009 school year.  Our ultimate goal is to show that law enforcement cares for our community.  The law enforcement families are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children of all ages, ethnicity, and background.            

Please help by donating any of the following items:

New Backpacks  -  Pencils/Pens  -  Glue/Glue Sticks  -  Calculator  -  Scissors  -  Crayons/Markers  -  Binder Paper

School supplies can be dropped off in designated boxes at the Walgreens on Hageman & Calloway and the Walgreens on Panama Lane & Wible Road through the evening of Wednesday August 13th.  Additionally, we will be at the Wal-Mart in East Bakersfield collecting/accepting donations on Monday August 11th from 11 to 7 pm.  School supplies can also be dropped off with C. Quiroz, Van Allen, and A. Chow or at any classification office.

We would like to offer a special "thank you" to everyone supporting project “Securing Education.”  We look forward to the success of this event and future projects helping our local community.

Any officers willing to assist with collection and/or delivery of school supplies please contact C. Quiroz.  We are continuing collection efforts through 08/13/2008.  Thank you for your support. 

Sincerely,  Detention Deputies A. Chow, C. Quiroz, and A. Van Allen

Fall '08 Election Notice [Posted August 7, 2008]
This Fall, KCDOA will hold an election for the following 3 positions on the KCDOA Board of Directors:

Members elected into these positions will serve a 2 year term from January 2009 through December 2010.  All KCDOA   members are welcome to run and anyone interested must submit a short letter or email to KCDOA by 1700 hours on Friday October 31st, 2008.  Your communication must simply and clearly state your intention to run, the position sought, and a concise platform statement if you choose to include one.  Your letter can be submitted to any current Board Member, mailed to the address listed below, or emailed to:
Kevin Dees
Phil Morley
Anthony Leal
Martin Santillan
Marty Stancliff
Robert Pfeifle
Carlos Quiroz
CRF Court Officer
Max Med Squad 2
Minimum Utility
Pre Trial Squad 2
Pre Trial Squad 4
Pre Trial Class
PO Box 81534
Bakersfield, CA 93380
This election is scheduled to occur during November 2008.
July Board Meeting Cancelled, August Scheduled [Posted June 27, 2008 - Update July 8, 2008]
The KCDOA Board Meeting originally set for Monday July 14th has been cancelled.  The Board meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday August 12, 2008.  Join us then to find out the latest KCDOA, KCSO, and County news and information.  Topics set for discussion include the fitness agreement, the County's recent attempt to re-open contract talks, the upcoming KCDOA election, and more!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
1930 Hours

Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road
Status of Physical Fitness Incentive MOU Amendment [Posted June 12, 2008 - Update August 7, 2008]
Earlier today, KCDOA signed off on the tentative agreement for long awaited physical fitness incentive program.  It will now go back to the Board of Supervisors for final approval.  KCDOA will provide additional details as they become available.

UPDATE!    -    The Physical Fitness Incentive MOU Amendment was formally approved by the Board of Supervisors
                       on July 8th, 2008.
County Calls For 'Urgent' Meet & Confer Regarding Medical Benefits [Posted June 12, 2008]
KCDOA, and all of the other County employee associations, were called in to an "urgent" Meet & Confer meeting with the CAO's office last week.  Prior to the meeting, the County would not provide KCDOA any information or agenda regarding what they intended to propose or discuss.

All of the associations were asked to voluntarily reopen their respective contracts/MOU's so that the County could impose "cost containment" and "reformulation" changes to the existing medical plan.

Their proposed changes were:

          Increased co-pays for medical office visits and prescriptions.

          Making those who do not pay towards their medical (hired pre April '97)
          begin paying like those employees hired on after that date.

          And removing the double coverage benefits (no co-pays etc)
          for employees with spouses who are also County employees.

The County offered nothing in return. 

We asked if, based on the most recent estimations, the CAO was planning to increase in the medical composite rate index (the amount that County Departments budget for medical costs for each employee) in the upcoming budget hearings, and their answer was "no, it is remaining level". 

Without medical costs being the catalyst for the meet and confer, the KCDOA Board of Directors believes that the County may be attempting to balance their budget on the backs of their employees.  In effect, this would be a tax on their own employees to help pay for other County projects or services.

The KCDOA Board of Directors unanimously voted to reject the County proposal and continue the status quo until normal contract negotiations resume in the spring of 2009.

2009 Contract Negotiation Team Formed [Posted June 12, 2008]
The 2009 contract negotiation team has been formed.  The team members are:  Kevin Dees, Anthony Leal, Martin Santillan, Robert Pfeifle, Carlos Quiroz, Scott Robinson, and Phil Morley (alternate).  The KCDOA Board of Directors would like to sincerely thank -all- of the members who expressed an interest.
Planning For Spring 2009 Contract Talks [Posted May 23, 2008]
Fellow KCDOA Members,

Your KCDOA Board of Directors have begun to organize a negotiation committee in preparation for the start of 2009
contract talks with the County.  To best represent you, we want to know what is important to the membership.  Historically, salary compensation, along with retirement and medical benefits are at the top of the list.
What would you like to see on the table for negotiations this go around. What is important to you is important to us.  Please help us develop a prioritized list with your ideas.  We appreciate your input and will discuss the ideas at our next meeting.

If you would like to be considered for a Board selected negotiation team member position, please send us an email expressing your interest.  Please send your input to:

Thank you!
Your KCDOA Board of Directors
KCDOA Relay For Life Recap [Posted May 19, 2008]
The Kern County Detention Officer’s Association first year involved in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event was an extremely successful event. The team of Detention Deputies involved helped raise over $11,000.00 IN JUST 60 DAYS awesome job and great team work! The money raised by the team stays local to assist cancer patients and their families.

Thanks to all of the Detention Deputies and their family members for helping with our Enchilada Dinner, Yard Sale, Opportunity Drawing and the Event itself.
Kern County Set To Receive 100 Million In AB900 Funding For New Jail Facility [Posted May 8, 2008]
The California CSA (Corrections Standards Authority) has tentatively awarded $100 million dollars to Kern County for construction of a new local jail facility that is slated to add 790 jail beds and over 100 new Detention Deputy positions at the Lerdo Jail complex.  


County gets $100 million to expand jail by 790 beds

The Bakersfield Californian (registration may be required)

Lerdo Prison Gets $100 Million Grant
KERO Channel 23

County gets $100 million for Lerdo Jail expansion - VIDEO
KGET Channel 17

May KCDOA Board Meeting Notice [Posted April 30, 2008]
Please join us on Wednesday May 14th and find out the latest info about various items including physical fitness incentive pay, a possible KCDOA Office, the new KCDOA Calendar Books, possible political endorsements, and more!

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
1930 Hours

Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road
Physical Fitness Incentive Pay Update [Posted April 11, 2008]
Earlier today, KCDOA met once again with the County regarding Physical Fitness Incentive Pay.  Several key points were discussed and we remain hopeful that this process may be nearing an end point soon.  For additional information and specific details, feel free to contact any KCDOA Director. 
COPS / KCDOA Labor Seminar Announced [Posted March 26, 2008]
COPS along with the Kern County Detention Officers Association is hosting a one day training seminar discussing Legal Defense and Labor issues.  This is a great class for Association Presidents, Board Members, and General Members.  Many facts/misconceptions will be discussed by our attorneys.  Please call the COPS office at (800) 352-7516 to reserve a seat. Space is limited and filling fast.  There is no cost to attend. Drinks (coffee, soda, water) will be provided.

Please click on the thumbnail image on the right for a link to the full size PDF.  Print out and post the flyer on the KCDOA bulletin board at your facility.  Thank you!

KCDOA Relay for Life Information [Posted March 7, 2008]
The Kern County Detention Officers’ Association is sponsoring a team participating in the Bakersfield 'Relay For Life' on May 3rd & 4th at California State University of Bakersfield (CSUB).  Cancer survivors’ registration begins at 0700 hours and opening ceremonies start at 0830 hours on May 3rd.  The event lasts for 24 hours and ends on May 4 at 0900 hours. All Kern County Sheriff’s Department employees and their families are encouraged and welcomed to participate.

Please contact any of the following officers if you would like to participate:

A. Chow [Pre-Trial Classification] is maintaining the track time schedule for the relay for life event.  If anyone would like to walk please contact Chow.

Van Allen [Pre-Trial Sq.4] is building the theme for our booth and is also accepting donations of face-painting supplies for a secondary method of raising money for the American Cancer Society.  If you would like to volunteer your time with face painting contact Van Allen.

D. Alkire [Pre-Trial Sq. 3] is going to coordinate a team who will set up for the event.  If you have a few hours in the evening on May 2 or early morning on May 3, please contact Alkire to volunteer.

B. Miller [Pre-Trial Sq.2] is soliciting donations from local businesses (monetary or products & services) for an “opportunity Drawing.” If you own a business or know anyone who would like to donate to our team please contact B. Miller.  Obviously, all proceeds are donated to American Cancer Society.  Also if anyone would like to donate hand-made items like blankets contact B. Miller. 

Tickets will be sold for an enchilada dinner prior to April 5.  All dinner tickets will be pre sold and delivered to each facility.  Director Carlos Quiroz will be sending out further details of the cost for the dinner and contact information for those wanting to purchase the tickets.  Any interested volunteers are encouraged to contact Director Carlos Quiroz [Pre-Trial Classification].

Funds raised at the Bakersfield 'Relay For Life' event stay local and fund research, which leads to new and improved treatments for our loved ones battling cancer.  Additionally, the funds raised help with cancer education and awareness.  Most impressive is the service that cancer patients receive, including transportation to and from medical appointments and a 24-hour call center for help. 

The American Cancer Society has lead the fight against cancer with:

  • Cures for childhood leukemia
  • The Pap test, which has resulted in a 70% decrease in death from cervical cancer
  • 5-Fu which is the first line drug therapy for colon cancer
  • Tamoxifen a drug for reducing breast cancer risk
  • The identification of the first human cancer-causing gene
  • The first successful bone marrow transplant
  • The development of the PSA test to screen for prostate cancer
  • Developing some of the first therapies to attack cancer at its genetic roots
  • Gleevac a drug to treat chronic myelogenous leukemia

In conclusion, there are many people in our department who have been affected by some form of cancer and we believe the way to find a cure for this disease is to do our part by supporting our local community by raising funds for cancer research to help those in need and affected by this disease.  There will be a posting board on-site at the KCDOA 'Relay For Life' cite for anyone wanting to remember a loved one with their picture and story.

If you have any questions please contact Director Carlos Quiroz via work email.

KCDOA Board Meeting Notice [Posted March 7, 2008]
As per usual, there is a lot happening!  Join us on the 18th for the latest information regarding the continuing KCDOA/CAO negotiations of physical fitness incentive pay.   We will also be talking about an upcoming informational meeting/training/seminar available to KCDOA members.  And that is just the start....

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
1930 Hours

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Local Law Enforcement Officers In The News [Posted February 21, 2008 - Updated February 26, 2008]

(BPD) Officer Eddy's leg amputated -The Bakersfield Californian
[Eddy's positive attitude, determination to return to work impress police chief] -The Bakersfield Californian

Woman reaches No. 3 spot at Sheriff's Department for first time
[Congratulations Chief RoseMary Wahl] - The Bakersfield Californian

Officer succumbs to cancer
[Delano PD Officer Nacua] - The Bakersfield Californian

Dues Increase [Posted January 31, 2008]
The new dues amount has been entered in to the Auditor's payroll deduction system and will be in effect for pay period 08-02 (February 12th payday).  The previous amount of $35 per month ($16.15 per pay period) has been adjusted to $55 per month ($25.38 per pay period).  This member approved and board ratified dues increase is the first since the inception of KCDOA in 2005 and we're pleased to still have one of the lowest monthly dues amounts in comparison to other local law enforcement associations.  If you have any questions about the dues increase and how it will affect KCDOA, please feel free to contact any Director for more information.  Your continued support is appreciated!  
KCDOA Board Meeting Notice [Posted January 4, 2008]
Join us at the next KCDOA Board meeting and welcome the new board members!  Stay informed and get reliable information you can trust.  One of the topics set for discussion will be the new physical fitness plan.  See you there!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
1930 Hours

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Election Results [Posted December 27, 2007]
A total of 121 valid ballots were counted...  Here is the vote breakdown:
Vice President

68 - Phil Morley
52 - Todd Dearmore

Board Seats

89 - Carlos Quiroz
78 - Marty Stancliff
75 - Robert Pfeifle

52 - Scott Robinson
48 - Ammanda Meek
Dues Increase

77 - Yes
44 - No

43 - $55 per month ($25.38 per pay period)
31 - $65 per month

Directors-elect will officially start their 2 year term on January 1, 2008.
Ballot Counting [Posted December 19, 2007]
The current election ballots are scheduled to be counted on Thursday December 27th at Tailgaters (on Truxtun Ave across from the Civic Auditorium) between the hours of 1130 - 1330.  All members are welcome to attend, assist, and/or supervise the process. 
Lower Cost Alternative Medical Plans Unveiled [Posted December 19, 2007]
New health insurance plan options have been unveiled by the County in an effort to offer lower cost options for their employees.  In addition to the current POS Plan, they will begin offering MCS EPO (Managed Care Systems - Exclusive Provider Network), and a Kaiser HMO plan.  MCS EPO and Kaiser HMO are both managed care plans which typically feature more rigid and structured guidelines for medical treatment.  The County will continue to have an annual open enrollment period in which employees will be able to move between plans. 

Below are the -example only- cost figures that were provided to KCDOA:
Family Size POS Plan MCS EPO Kaiser HMO
Employee $53.27 $32.31 $37.37
Emp+1 $101.99 $64.29 $71.38
Family $150.71 $96.76 $105.38

Below are the -example only- comparison of benefits that were provided to KCDOA:

  POS Plan MCS EPO Kaiser HMO
Office Visit Copay $15 / $25 $10 / $15 $15 / $15
Prescription Drug Copay $5 / $15 / $30 $5 / $10 / $25 $5 / $15
Emergency Room Copay $75 $75 $75
Inpatient Hospital Copay $150 per day $100/day, $500 max $250
Coinsurance 100% 100% 100%

The County intends to begin informational meetings about the new plans in January and they hope to have it all online by February / March of 2008.  Please do not contact the County about these new plans as they will be contacting all of us very soon with additional information.


Physical Fitness Incentive Pay Update [Posted December 19, 2007]
The County has outlined their proposal for the physical fitness incentive pay program.  To summarize it, they are seeking an annual test consisting of a physical exam, a review health questionnaire, and a cardio pulmonary treadmill test with oxygen uptake.  The cardio test results in a METS score.  Persons scoring 11 to 11.99 METS would receive a 2% pay increase, and persons with a score of 12 METS and above would qualify for the 4% pay increase.  Discussions are continuing and we are hopeful that a mutually agreeable program will begin in the near future.  We will likely be discussing this at the next scheduled board meeting on Wednesday January 16th.
Election Ballots [Posted November 20, 2007]
The election ballots have been printed and mailed out to KCDOA members...  Please take the time to vote and promptly return your ballot.  Don't forget to sign and print your name in the upper left corner of the ballot return envelope.  Unidentifiable, unsigned, and late ballots received after the Friday December 21, 2007 deadline will not be counted.
KCDOA Presidency [Posted November 14, 2007]
During the KCDOA Board meeting on November 13th, President Paul Hussey announced that he was stepping down from his position, effective immediately, due to his retirement from County employment.  Later in the meeting, the KCDOA Board of Directors unanimously voted to appoint Vice President Kevin Dees to the vacant President position.  As the Interim KCDOA President, Kevin Dees will complete President Hussey's term through 2008.

"Let me say this about that..."

Paul Hussey is a founding member of KCDOA and was the first President of KCDOA.  His guidance, experience, and hard work have been of critical importance to the success of KCDOA during the formative period of the association.  And likewise, his participation on the first two KCDOA contract negotiation teams has benefited all Kern County Detention Deputies.  The KCDOA Board of Directors sincerely thanks him and we wish him well in his future endeavors.
KCDOA Board Meeting Notice [Posted October 30, 2007]
The next KCDOA Board meeting is set and we hope you're able to attend.  Among other things, we'll be discussing the current KCDOA Board of Directors election.  See you there!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
1930 Hours

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KCDOA Election Candidates [Posted October 26, 2007 - Updated November 02,2007]
The notification deadline has passed for members interested in running for positions on the KCDOA Board of Directors. 

For the office of Vice-President there are 2 candidates:

Todd Dearmore (Board incumbent)
Phil Morley

For the three available board seats there are 5 candidates:

Ammanda Meek
Carlos Quiroz
Robert Pfeifle (Board incumbent)
Scott Robinson
Marty Stancliff

For additional information, check the
candidate information page.  The election is scheduled to occur in November, and the winners will take office in January, 2008.

KLEA Objects To "D.O." Supervision [Posted September 27, 2007]
KLEA President Bob Gaines recently sent out an email message to the KLEA Board of Directors (cc'd to Detentions Bureau Chief Deputy Keith Nelson) asking his members to stop working voluntary overtime at Lerdo.  This is in response to an incident involving a KLEA member and a Detention Deputy Sergeant.  Click on the thumbnail image at the right to view the message.  And below is the official response from the KCDOA Board of Directors:

To Bob Gaines, KLEA President:


This is in response to your recent email regarding an incident that occurred at Lerdo Pre-Trial on September 16th.  In your message, you made an accusation that a Detention Deputy Sergeant “does not like red patches” and assigns less favorable duty assignments to Deputies.  Even though an investigation is not yet complete, you encouraged KLEA members to cease volunteering for overtime assignments at Lerdo.  KCDOA believes your action is not only subjective, but also divisive, biased, and without merit. 


KCDOA views your email as inciting and is detrimental to the efforts of both Detention Deputies and Deputies working side by side in Court Services, Transportation, and the jail facilities.


Although we represent two different classifications, we continue to believe that we are all part of the same team and should work together towards the betterment of the entire Sheriff’s Department. 


KCDOA Board of Directors


President Paul Hussey

Vice President Kevin Dees

Secretary Anthony Leal

Treasurer Martin Santillan

Director Robert Pfeifle

Director Todd Dearmore

Director Greg Morgan

Grand Jury Report On CRF [Posted September 18, 2007]
The Kern County Grand Jury has posted their report from a recent (July 2007) visit to the downtown jail.  The report focuses mainly on mandatory overtime concerns, but also reiterates the need for more cameras and an upgraded electrical power system.  
Helen Marie Souza-Bryant 1965-2007 [Posted August 26, 2007]
Fellow Officer, KCDOA member, and friend, Helen Souza-Bryant passed away last Tuesday evening after a brief illness.  Funeral Mass is scheduled for 9 AM on Tuesday, 8-28-07, at St. Francis Church.  Please see Lt. Clark's department-wide email for full details.

Obituary in The Bakersfield Californian
Correctional Officer Killed In Car Crash After Working Mandatory Overtime [Posted August 15, 2007]
TDCJ Officer Roy Cole died in a car crash after working a forced/mandatory overtime shift...  He leaves behind a son and his pregnant wife.  The policy of forced overtime is widely regarded as a cause of Correctional Officers stress.  Stress has routinely been proven to be debilitating and detrimental to one's health.  In this case it may have been ultimately responsible for an Officer's death and demonstrates a damaging effect of routine jail understaffing.  If it is determined that Mr. Cole's death can be attributed to his employment, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice may be facing a potential liability issue.

More information:

Another TDCJ Officer Dies After Forced Overtime - TDCJ Union (Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice)
Scott Unit Officer Killed In Car Crash After Working Mandatory Overtime - The Back Gate
Report: Mandatory Overtime A Cause Of Correctional Officer Stress [Posted August 15, 2007]
A report titled, "Addressing Correctional Officer Stress: Programs and Strategies" was published in 2000 by the National Institute of Justice in cooperation with the Corrections Program Office.

Excerpt below:

Why a Stress Program Can Benefit Correctional Administrators

West Virginia Department of Corrections Commissioner Bill Davis locked down the Mount Olive Correctional Center last month for 8 days to alleviate stress on overworked staff. . . . "We've had a significant turnover rate there since we opened the prison in 1995. The prison administration was requiring COs to be frozen over [work two shifts in a row]. . . . [The closing] was in the interest of their sanity. . . . " The commissioner also made clear to officers that overtime at the facility was strictly voluntary.[2]

Research studies and firsthand accounts from correctional officers have made clear that employment as a correctional officer can be stressful--sometimes extremely stressful. Chapter 2 documents the many sources of stress[3] for correctional officers (such as the mandatory overtime that existed in West Virginia, highlighted above), and the effects of stress can be serious and widespread. As discussed below and summarized in the box "Benefits a Stress Program Can Bring to Correctional Administrators," a program that helps prevent and relieve stress can have valuable benefits for correctional administrators.

Full report available here.

Report Cites Affects Of Mandatory Overtime On Employees [Posted July 30, 2007]
In 2002 the EPI, or Economic Policy Institute, produced a Briefing Paper titled "Time After Time" about mandatory overtime and its effects.  It is referenced on the official California State Government web site as excerpted below.  It will take a few minutes of your time to read, but it is informative and highly recommended.  KCDOA members have now been working routine forced/mandatory/compulsory overtime for almost 600 days since it was implemented in December of 2005 as a temporary solution to low staffing levels.


Time After Time: Mandatory Overtime in the U.S. Economy. By Lonnie Golden and Helene Jorgensen, Economic Policy Institute. (The Institute, Washington, DC) January 2002. 18 p.

Full Text at:

["Long hours can detrimentally affect workers, their co-workers, their families, consumers, and the public. Despite the short-term benefits that make overtime attractive to employers, it may in the longer term create offsetting harm to an organization by decreasing quality, increasing mistakes, and reducing productivity."]

KCDOA Board Of Directors Election [Posted July 26, 2007]
The 2007 KCDOA Board Member election cycle is officially under way...  The Vice President and three Board Member positions are open to all members wishing to run.  If you would like to run for KCDOA office, you will need to submit your letter of intent to run prior to 1700 hours on the last Friday of October (the 26th) per the KCDOA by-laws.  Please mail your letter of intent to the KCDOA P.O. Box or email it to the Secretary.  The election is scheduled for November and any submitted candidate info will be available online. 
Message Forum Is Now Online [Posted July 26, 2007]
A new and improved KCDOA message forum is now available for your use.  It can be accessed here, or by clicking on the FORUM button at the top of the page.  As many of you know, this will be the second go-round with a message forum here on the KCDOA web site.  The old original forum was removed after a few people chose to use it to make anonymous attacks on other people.  As a result it was promptly shut down.  If personal attacks happen again, the security measures of the forum will be increased and/or it will be removed once again.  The message forum area is intended to be a positive tool for member communication, please use it that way.  Here are the rules, which are also posted in the forum:

1. Use common sense.

2. Do not be disrespectful or personally attack others.

3. Avoid discussion about sensitive or privileged information, such as IA's and court cases.
    For further information see rule #1.

4. Don't be scared to let people know who you are. If it's worth saying, take credit for saying it.

5. The KCDOA forum moderators reserve the right to move, edit, and delete posts.
July KCDOA Board Meeting Announced [Posted July 3, 2007]
Even though negotiations are done, there is still a lot going on and we're looking forward to seeing (and hearing from) you at the next KCDOA board meeting.  Don't miss it!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
1930 Hours

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New MOU Available Now [Posted July 3, 2007]
The new MOU between KCDOA and the County has been posted to the County's "Labor Relations" web page.  The document can be viewed by clicking on the MOU button at the top of the page.
Retro Pay Details Confirmed [Posted June 26, 2007 - Updated June 27, 2007]
KCDOA has confirmed that the year 1 retro pay will be included with the 07-13 pay period (July 17th payday).  Anyone interested in changing their deductions, who hasn't already done so, should turn in their card to payroll by Friday June 28.
Board of Supervisors Agenda Clarification [Posted June 16, 2007]
The agenda for the Tuesday June 19, 2007 Board of Supervisors PM session meeting contains several errors in the KCDOA contract summary description (CA-27).  The retirement information is incorrect, as well as the effective start date for some of the benefits.  The briefing memo to the board appears to be accurate but it does not, nor is it intended to, contain all of the details.  The detailed contract offer that was mailed out to KCDOA members (with your ballot) is correct and can be referred to for additional clarification. 

The CAO's office has been notified of the discrepancies and they have assured KCDOA that the agenda will either be corrected, or if it is to late to be altered, an addendum will be submitted to the Board of Supervisors with the appropriate corrections.
Questions About Retro Money [Posted June 12, 2007]
Many KCDOA members are asking which pay period the retroactive salary increase will be issued on.  At this point it is unknown.  As soon as we have the specific information it will be promptly posted here on the KCDOA web site.  The new MOU is scheduled to be formally ratified by the Board of Supervisors on June 19. 
KCDOA Members Pass Contract Offer [Posted June 5, 2007]
Approximately 290 ballots were mailed out to KCDOA members in May.  Of that, 174 valid ballots (60%) were returned and counted earlier this evening...  Specifically, there were 103 ballots to accept the offer and 71 to reject it.  As additional details and dates related to the implementation of this contract become available they will be posted here on the KCDOA web site.  The KCDOA board and negotiating team would like to thank -everyone- who voted and everyone who attended the tonight's packed-house board meeting.    
Ballots To Be Counted At June KCDOA Board Meeting [Posted May 23, 2007]
For the latest information, including the contract offer ballot results, plan on attending the next KCDOA board meeting. 

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
1930 Hours

Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
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Contract Ballot Info [Posted May 16, 2007]
Contract offer ballots and info were mailed out last Friday, but due to an error at the print shop a small percentage of members did not receive a return envelope. If you did not receive a return envelope, please mail your ballot to:

PO Box 81534
Bakersfield, CA 93380

Please remember to PRINT and SIGN your name on the outside of your envelope in the upper left corner.  If you haven't already done so, please return your ballot as soon as possible. We must have it back by June 1st for it to be counted.

KCDOA And The County Reach Tentative Contract Agreement [Posted May 1, 2007]
The KCDOA negotiating team and the County have reached a tentative contract agreement.  Earlier today the Board of Supervisors accepted our most recent offer and opted to settle negotiations pending KCDOA membership approval.  As a result, KCDOA will soon mail each member a ballot, contract details, and a recommendation from the negotiating team highlighting the pros and cons of the offer.  Your strong and enduring support of the negotiating team has been appreciated during this lengthy process.   
KCDOA Submits Revised Offer To County [Posted April 27, 2007]
The KCDOA negotiating team submitted another contract offer to the County earlier today.  The CAO's office representative (County negotiator) will present the offer, presumably our last, to the Board of Supervisors next Tuesday.  Pending the outcome of that meeting, additional details will be posted on the web site soon after.
KCDOA Receives Revised "Last Best Final" Offer From County [Posted April 18, 2007 - Updated April 20, 2007]
The KCDOA negotiating team has received a revised "Last Best Final" offer from the County, and for the time being, we are keeping an open line of communication with the CAO's office in the hope that we can still come to an acceptable agreement that satisfies both parties and avoids a possible impasse.  Additional information may be available early next week.
Sheriff Youngblood Thanks KCDOA For SAL Fishing Derby Support [Posted April 18, 2007]
KCDOA has received a certificate of appreciation and plaque from the Kern County Sheriff's Activities League and Sheriff Youngblood for our sponsorship of the third annual SAL fishing derby.  The fishing derby is one of several annual event fundraisers for the Sheriff's Activities League.  Kern County SAL mission statement:

"The Kern County Sheriff's Activities League is dedicated to developing local youth into responsible, productive, and ethical citizens and reducing juvenile victimization, crime, and delinquency."
Sheriff Youngblood Thanks KCDOA For SAL Support
KCDOA Submits Last Offer To The County [Posted April 11, 2007]
The KCDOA contract negotiating team met with the County on Wednesday morning and put forward one final offer, as we are still trying to work constructively with the County and hoping to avoid a possible impasse.  The core of our offer mirrored the County's recent proposals for salary increase [4-4-4] and retirement [requiring new hires to pay their contribution indefinitely], but an emphasis was put on multiple benefits which are either in effect for, or presently being offered to, other safety groups.  This current proposal should go before the Board of Supervisors next Tuesday and a response from the County may follow shortly there after.
SEIU Places CCAPE In Trusteeship Citing Possible Financial Impropriety
[Posted April 11, 2007 - Updated April 14, 2007]


Union Merger Leads To Fight Over Assets
The Bakersfield Californian (registration may be required)


Press release follows:

SEIU Establishes Trusteeship of Bakersfield Local 700 to Protect Members from Possible Serious Financial Malpractice

The Service Employees International Union has placed the Central California Association of Public Employees/Kern County Employees Association (KCEA) —known collectively as SEIU Local 700—in trusteeship to protect members from a possible unauthorized seizure of the local's office, valued at approximately $1 million. The trusteeship was also established to restore other financial controls and ensure that the resources of the local are not misappropriated.

SEIU had reports that certain officials and employees of Local 700 were planning to seize the local's most valuable asset, a building and property located at 1001 17th Street in Bakersfield. SEIU also had reports that in February a small group, without a membership vote, attempted to change the local's bylaws to transfer the ownership of a building purchased for benefit of SEIU members to another title-holding entity or to individuals.

Under the emergency trusteeship, which was imposed Tuesday night, April 10, Local 700's officers and executive board have been suspended from office pending a hearing. Luisa Blue—an SEIU leader who has been a member for more than 30 years and previously served as the elected president of other California local unions—has been appointed trustee of Local 700.

In addition to reports of the planned seizure of real estate assets, SEIU had reports in March of an improper attempt to increase the executive director's salary. The attempted increase was significantly more than members received, in violation of an employment agreement.

Blue says her key concerns in leading the process are ensuring that the representational and fiduciary interests of Local 700's members are protected, and that they continue to have their interests served by the union.

"Our current contracts with employers remain fully in place and Local 700 members will continue to enjoy all of their wages, rights, and benefits under those contracts," Blue said. "All of the local's financial resources— particularly its key real estate holding—will be fully protected and used to benefit SEIU members."

SEIU is conducting a comprehensive investigation, review, and audit of Local 700's financial systems and other practices and will develop a plan for addressing the problems. SEIU is still investigating this matter and will schedule a hearing in the near future to examine the charges and determine if the trusteeship will continue. A specific date has not yet been set, but the hearing will be open to all Local 700 members, and the hearing officer's findings will be made
available to members.

Latest Contract Talk News [Posted March 24, 2007]
KCDOA will be meeting with the County's negotiator on Monday to once again make an attempt to to come to an agreement on -fair and accurate- salary and total compensation comparison county information.  We also have a meeting scheduled with Supervisor Rubio later in the day. 
Probation Rejects Offer And Moves To Impasse [Posted March 24, 2007]
KCPOA (Kern County Probation Officers Association) has overwhelmingly voted to reject the County's "Last, Best, Final" offer, and simultaneously given their Board the authority to declare impasse with the County.  99% of their members voted to reject the offer and nearly as many voted to declare impasse.
KCDOA Meets With County's Negotiator [Posted March 21, 2007]
The KCDOA negotiating team met with the County's Negotiator once again on Wednesday morning in an effort to come to an agreement on the factors used for salary and total compensation comparisons.  Further negotiation is possible, and KCDOA continues to work with the County.
KCDOA Meets With Supervisor Rubio [Posted March 21, 2007]
KCDOA leadership met with Supervisor Rubio on Wednesday morning in an attempt to resolve several recent well publicized issues.  The meeting was seemingly productive and both sides were open, frank, and civil with each other.
Board Of Supervisors Hears From Detention Deputies  [Posted and updated March 20, 2007]
KCDOA would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the informational picket this morning.  Along with KCDOA, KLEA and CCAPE both participated and showed support for each other.  It was a very positive thing to see the employee associations working together towards a common goal.

Your attendance at the Board of Supervisors AM session was also an impressive sight.  -All- of the County employees who spoke before the Board did an excellent job and they should be thanked for their courage and the truth they spoke.  The middle section of the Board's chambers was filled with KCDOA members in their black shirts.  Sheriff Youngblood addressed the supervisors and made it clear that he supports his personnel, and that he intends to,  "make this organization whole as one group, with them (Detention Deputies) and with the other unit (Deputies)".  KCDOA Vice President Kevin Dees attempted to publicly air out some of KCDOA's concerns, but was cut short as the supervisors and County Counsel stated that it was not the proper forum to "attack" a Supervisor.  Dees reiterated that it was not an attack, but rather accountability that was being sought.

KCDOA received late word Tuesday afternoon that the County has refused further negotiation with KCDOA and that the previously scheduled Wednesday morning negotiating meeting was canceled as a result.  The County's unwillingness to avoid a possible impasse and lack of effort to come up with a compromise agreement is disheartening.  As a necessary progression, KCDOA will soon be mailing out the County's "Last, Best, Final" offer for a vote of the membership.


KGOV Streaming VIDEO of March 20th Board of Supervisors AM Session

County Tells Union To Keep Contract Negotiations Private
KBAK Channel 29 - VIDEO

Unions Picket Over County Pay
The Bakersfield Californian
(registration may be required)

KLEA (and KCDOA) Pickets Over Contract Negotiations
KERO Channel 23 - VIDEO

Supervisors, Deputies Still Without A Contract
KGET Channel 17
Board Of Supervisors Proposes COLA "Last Best Final" Offer  [Posted March 14, 2007]
KCDOA wants you to attend the next Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, March 20th (9 am to noon).  Please wear your BLACK KCDOA shirts if you have one.  If not, please wear any other black shirt as a show of solidarity.
High Priority Meeting On Contract Talks ** LATE NOTICE ** [Posted March 14, 2007]
BETWEEN 1700-2100
KCDOA Submits A New Counter Offer To The County [Posted March 02, 2007]
The current offer summarized:

3 year term through June 30, 2009:

Year 1 - 10% (retro back to July 8, 2006))
Year 2 - 5%
Year 3 - 5%

Proposed 10 year cap on employee retirement contributions which doubles the current 5 year cap, but would avoid indefinite contributions due to retention and recruitment issues.

Doubling the RHPSP contribution to 1.62% of base salary (additional .81%).

Implementation of a new F step (additional 5% increment pay raise) in the salary schedule beginning July 7, 2007.

Availability pay of 5% for the S.E.R.T. team and the Classification Sergeant.

Removal of four-hour built in overtime clause from 4850 pay. 

Increase of uniform allowance by $50 in 2007 and an additional $50 in 2008 (totaling $900 per year)

One additional day of vacation at each level of accrual (matching KLEA).

All hours worked - Holidays and all paid leave, including but not limited to, Sick Leave, Vacation, CTO, and Jury Duty will count as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime.

Holiday Pay - Can be taken as CTO or pay.  Credit for normal shift length (10, 12 hours etc).  Removal of current MOU section stipulating 8 hours of CTO credit regardless of hours worked.

Increase of CTO limit to 100 hours (matching KLEA)

Physical fitness incentive pay (5%) program based on Corrections Standard Authority physical fitness requirements for employment.
County Stalls Negotiations Again [Posted February 27, 2007]
KCDOA received late word today that the negotiation meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning was unnecessary as the County negotiator would not have any significant changes (from their last offer) to put forward to KCDOA.  We may not meet again until Thursday March 15th.  For the latest information, plan on attending the Wednesday night board meeting if possible... 
Negotiation Team Receives Yet Another Unacceptable Offer [Posted February 21, 2007]
The KCDOA contract negotiation team has received another unacceptable offer from the County.  The current offer remains essentially unchanged from other recent offers and would fail to bring Kern County Detention Deputies up to the median/mean of comparison counties with Detention Deputies serving in similar capacities.  The Sheriff's Department is facing ever increasing problems related to the retention and recruitment of qualified personnel, and according to the CAO's comments in today's Bakersfield Californian, we should be compensated above the median as our current staffing situation is threatening the department's ability to fulfill its mission (i.e. necessity of mandatory overtime).  KCDOA is scheduled to meet with the County's negotiating team again next Wednesday and we are hopeful but not optimistic that an acceptable offer will be presented then.


          The raises target the median total compensation of 13 comparison counties except when
          "retention and recruitment issues have created a staffing situation that is threatening a 
          department's ability to fulfill its mission," Errea said.
Sheriff Youngblood Unveils Gang Plan [Posted February 20, 2007]
Earlier this morning, Sheriff Youngblood and Undersheriff Williamson detailed their plan to combat the increasing local gang problem.  A large part of the plan affects us in the Detention Bureau as it deals with the incarceration of arrested gang members and intelligence gathering from within the jails.  If the plan is completely approved as it was presented today, Detention personnel would increase by 30 positions over the next 2 years (1 Detentions Sergeant, 5 Detentions Senior Deputies, 24 Detentions Deputies), and 128 beds at the Max-Med facility would be reopened.  The proposal given to the Board of Supervisors is available here.


Sheriff Youngblood Presents Gang Plan Before Board Of Supervisors
KGET Channel 17 - VIDEO

Sheriff Proposes Tripling Gang Unit, Adding Beds To Jail
The Bakersfield Californian
(registration may be required)
Contract Talk Progress [Posted February 14, 2007]
The KCDOA negotiating team met with the County again on Wednesday morning.  Our two most recent meetings both seem to have been more more productive than any of the previous meetings during this round of talks.  There have been numerous ups and downs during the last 10 months of negotiations (now 8 months out of contract), but we're still optimistic and looking forward to the meeting next week...  If a new offer is received, details will be available here on
Recruiting And Retaining Deputies Becoming Difficult [Posted February 8, 2007]
Undersheriff Williamson recently spoke with KGET Channel 17 and discussed the increasing problem the Sheriff's department is facing in its efforts to attract qualified candidates for the large number of Deputy vacancies.  More specifically, less than competitive starting salaries were cited as the cause.


Sheriff's Officials Face Difficulties Finding Recruits
KGET Channel 17 - VIDEO
Contract Negotiation Update [Posted February 7, 2007]
The KCDOA negotiating team received a new offer from the County's negotiator this morning. 

Here are they key components:

Three year term with retroactive pay, 4% each year, and continuation of 3 @ 50 retirement tier (with the removal of the current 5 year cap on employee contributions).  The County would like to double the RHPSP deduction to 1.62% of base salary, remove the 4 hour built in overtime from 4850 pay, increase the uniform allowance $50 per year over the next two years, and institute availability pay (5%) for S.E.R.T. members.  Additionally, a physical fitness incentive program was proposed which would provide bonus pay for those who periodically test and certify that they are in good health.   

The overall tone of the meeting was testy at times, but productive overall.  KCDOA brought several issues to the negotiator which could alter this offer or lead to possible changes in a future offer.  We are tentatively scheduled to meet again next week.  Any significant news from that meeting will be posted here on the web site.
February Board Meeting Announced [Posted February 7, 2007]
It's time for another KCDOA board meeting...  Hopefully you can make it as your ideas and opinions count!  The major topic of discussion will most likely be a major interest for all of us...  the ongoing contract talks.  Be there!

1930 Hours

Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road
Legal Decision Affects Lybarger And IA's [Posted February 5, 2007 - Updated February 6, 2007]
The case, "Spielbauer v. County of Santa Clara" [ Cal App 4th No H029345 Sixth Dist Jan 12, 2007 ], relates to compelled answers during an internal affairs investigation and immunity in any subsequent related criminal case.  The detailed case summary is here and a news story summarizing it is available here.
County Postpones Contract Talks Another Week [Posted February 1, 2007]
KCDOA received late notification today that the County would not be ready to meet with us tomorrow (Friday, February 2nd) as was previously planned.  We are now scheduled to meet on Wednesday, February 7th.  If a new offer is received then, details will be here on the web site soon after.   
Contract Negotiation Update [Posted January 16, 2007]
The KCDOA negotiating team submitted another counter offer to the County on January 10th.  This particular counter offer proposes a 1 year term with a 16.31% raise (with retro).  Your negotiating team continues to reject lower tiered retirement options proposed by the County for future employees, and any item with fee escalation, which passes the yearly cost increases of the County on to the backs of the employees.  Both of these issues are counter productive to the health and well being of our safety classification and would make future hiring substantially more difficult.  In turn, it could affect us in other ways as well, like increasing forced overtime do to the increasing number of vacant Detention Deputy positions that can't be filled thanks to less than competitive pay and benefits.
Donny Youngblood Sworn In As Kern County Sheriff [Posted January 8, 2007]

KC Sheriff-Elect Donny Youngblood Swears-In As 23rd KC Sheriff
KGET Channel 17 - VIDEO

Donny Youngblood Sworn Into Office
KERO Channel 23

Sheriff Youngblood Says He Is Ready To Take On Challenges Of New Role
KBAK Channel 29 - VIDEO

Youngblood Sworn In As Sheriff
The Bakersfield Californian
(registration may be required) - VIDEO
Negotiation Team Receives Another Unacceptable Offer [Posted December 20, 2006]
The KCDOA negotiating team received another unacceptable offer from the County earlier today.  The offer would potentially result in a net gain of 11.19% over three years, but would contain annual "fee escalators" for increased county costs related to the RHPSP program.  The increased costs would be passed on to employees and further erode the 11.19% number.  The first year of the proposed contract would be below the current national COLA/CPI index (cost of living adjustment).  Their offer also included a reduction in 4850 benefits, a switch to 3 @ 55 retirement for new employees, a minimal increase in uniform allowance, and availability pay for certain assignments.   The County would also like new employees to indefinitely pay 100% of the individual employee's retirement contribution without the five year termination currently in place.  One of KCDOA's primary concerns is the protection of existing benefits which assists in the recruitment and retention of new Detention Deputies and keeps our job attractive in comparison to other job opportunities around the state.  It is apparent that the County Board of Supervisors and the CAO's office do not currently share this view.  The next contract negotiation meeting is scheduled for January 10, 2007 and KCDOA will be submitting another counter offer at that time.
Three Detention Deputies Arrested [Posted December 15, 2006]

Three Kern County Jailers Arrested On Drug Charges
The Bakersfield Californian
(registration may be required)

3 Sheriff's Deputies Arrested; Marijuana, Steroids, Possibly Cocaine Found In Deputies' Homes
KGET Channel 17 - VIDEO

Three Detention Deputies Arrested On Drug Charges
KERO Channel 23 - VIDEO

Three Detention Deputies Are Arrested On Felony Drug Related Charges
KBAK Channel 29 - VIDEO
Contract Negotiation Update [Posted December 15, 2006]
KCDOA and the County will be meeting once again next Wednesday in an effort to continue contract negotiation talks which have slowed of late.  The County may bring a "new" offer to the table, and we're hoping that it will be substantive and show significant movement (i.e. true negotiation effort and flexibility on their part), but that would be in contrast County's previous offers during this current negotiation cycle.   Regardless, check back in to the web site for an update next week.
Recent KCDOA Meeting With Undersheriff Williamson [Posted November 15, 2006]
KCDOA recently spoke with Undersheriff Williamson about several topics during a routine monthly meeting.  He indicated that the Detention Bureau vacancies continue to decline and are now under 30.  As a result, KCDOA proposed the possibility of ceasing mandatory overtime.  The department administration may consider the feasibility and ramifications of suspending mandatory overtime for a trial/test period.  The Undersheriff also stated that the department may begin testing for Senior and Sergeant Detention Deputy promotional lists in January.  Additionally, the next Detention Deputy core class could begin in Spring 2007, but the date may change and is directly affected by number of people hired off the current lateral list consisting of approximately 100 applicants.   
December Board Meeting Announced [Posted November 15, 2006]
If you're not regularly attending these meetings, you're missing out...  There is usually a very good turnout and many topics are discussed.  Membership input (i.e. ideas, help, experience) is always sought and appreciated.  We all hear rumors about negotiations for example, but this is the best way for you to get the facts!

1930 Hours

Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road
Contract Negotiation Update [Posted November 15, 2006]
KCDOA has received word from the County's negotiator that the CAO's office and the Board of Supervisors will be discussing the recently completed departmental inequity studies during the closed session period of the Board of Supervisors meeting on December 5th.  The CAO's office may -or may not- have additional negotiating authority after that meeting.
Deputy Killed In Vehicle Collision [Posted November 15, 2006]
Deputy Joe Hudnall was fatally injured last night after a collision on Highway 178 in the Kern canyon.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and everyone affected by this tragedy. 


Deputy killed in Kern River Canyon accident  - Bakersfield Californian
(registration may be required)
Deputy killed in crash on highway 178 - KGET Channel 17
Name released in fatal KCSO crash - KGET Channel 17 
Sheriff's Deputy William "Joe" Hudnall Dies In Canyon Accident - KERO Channel 23
Deputy killed in crash, CHP says he knew driver who hit him - KBAK Channel 29
Sheriff Candidate Debate [Posted October 31, 2006 - Updated November 5, 2006 ]
Channel 17 hosted a Sheriff candidate forum last Thursday and aired it on Sunday night following their prime time football coverage.  All KCDOA members are encouraged to watch the 1 hour exchange and evaluate the candidates.


HIGHLIGHT:  At one point, Sheriff Wimbish states, "...The Detention Deputies union came to me and said, 'You know we would have supported you, but you didn't support us.'  And I said, when didn't I support you?  They said, 'You arrested three of our people for second degree murder.'

Your KCDOA Board Members have never made any such comments or insinuations to Sheriff Wimbish and his comments to the contrary are a complete fabrication.

UPDATE (November 1, 2006):  KCDOA has spoken with Sheriff Wimbish about his disparaging remarks.  Sheriff Wimbish stated that he said "a Detention Deputy union member" and not "The Detention Deputies union".  This is yet another fabrication as the video indicates otherwise.  Sheriff Wimbish was made aware of his recorded comments and stated that if that isn't what he said, that is in fact what he meant to say.

UPDATE (November 5, 2006): 

The document to the right is an open letter to Sheriff Wimbish from KCDOA formally requesting that he publicly retract his erroneous comments.
Contract Negotiation Update [Posted October 11, 2006]
Talks between KCDOA and the County have slowed down and may soon be faltering...  At this point each side has brought 3 offers to the table.  Unfortunately, the core demands and percentages of the County"s three offers have remained essentially unchanged.  In this current and recent years, the County's budget has exploded with consecutive double digit gains and achieved an unprecedented amount of funding.  Yet their insulting contract offers are well below the current federal Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA).   Due to the methods utilized by the County"s negotiator, Susan Wells, the KCDOA negotiating team believes she is not negotiating in "good faith".   KCDOA negotiators believe Susan has utilized numbers that are not current or accurate, which ultimately renders her proposals deceptive.  KCDOA will strive to continue to negotiate with the County in good faith, working in the best overall interest of both the County and KCDOA members.
KCDOA Endorses Donny Youngblood for Sheriff [Posted October 10, 2006]
On Monday October 9th, the Kern County Detention Officers Association, along with several other local safety employee associations, endorsed Donny Youngblood for Sheriff. 

KGET Channel 17 - KC Sheriff candidate Donny Youngblood promises change for overworked deputies - VIDEO - excerpt: (Wimbish) "...said he has done more for the department than any other Sheriff in the past 16 years."
What To Do When I.A. Contacts You [Posted August 31, 2006]
If Internal Affairs calls and/or contacts you for an interview regarding one of their investigations, whether you're the subject or a witness, it is essential that you call COPS (800-352-7516) during business hours as soon as you are notified.  Quickly relaying the interview date and time will assist COPS in their scheduling and ensure that you have the legal representation afforded to you.  When calling, ask for Jay Trinnaman, COPS in house attorney, and leave a message if he does not personally answer the phone.  This will be a win-win-win situation helping COPS, Internal Affairs, and you!
Negotiations Continuing... [Posted August 28, 2006]
The contract negotiations between KCDOA and the County are continuing, and counter offers are being submitted by both parties.  Even though both sides may have the best intentions to blaze through the process, it never seems to happen that way...

The best way for KCDOA members to stay involved and up to date is to speak directly with someone on the KCDOA negotiating team.  The team consists of:  Paul Hussey (Pre Trial Laundry), Kevin 'Danny' Dees (CRF Utility), Anthony Leal (CRF Utility), Martin Santillan (Minimum Utility), and Scott Robinson (CRF Squad 1). 

And by all means join us at the next KCDOA Board meeting (date not yet posted) for the latest update, detailed information, and discussion on the topic.
Board of Directors Election Info [Posted July 28, 2006]

KCDOA election time has arrived once again...  The three seats available on the KCDOA Board of Directors are:

President, Secretary, and Treasurer

Members elected into these positions will serve a 2 year term (January 2007 through December 2008).  Any KCDOA member is welcome to run and anyone interested must submit a short letter or email to KCDOA by 1700 hours on Friday October 27th, 2006.  Your communication must simply and clearly state your intention to run, the position sought, and a concise platform statement if you choose to include one.  Your letter can be personally submitted to any of the KCDOA Directors, mailed to KCDOA, or emailed to:

This election is scheduled to occur during November 2006.

KCDOA Board Meets With Sheriff Candidate Youngblood [Posted July 27, 2006]
Earlier today, the KCDOA Board of Directors met with Sheriff candidate Donny Youngblood.  The meeting was informal and the overall tone was positive.   
July Board Meeting Announced [Posted July 5, 2006]
Stay informed and have a voice...  By the next Board meeting our contract negotiation team may have had another meeting with the County and should be able to update everyone with the latest info.  The upcoming KCDOA election will also be discussed.  We hope to see you there!

WEDNESDAY, JULY 26th, 2006
1930 Hours

Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road
Help Fill Up The August Core Class [Posted June 14, 2006]
Lieutenant Wright is looking for your assistance...

"We are gearing up for our next Detentions CORE Academy and will be opening it up to a few students. If you know of someone who may be interested in going through the CORE please have them contact Sr. Detention Deputy D. Moore at 391-7745.

The course starts 8/7/06 and runs for approximately 10 weeks for the student participants. The cost is approximately $700 - $900.

Anyone interested can attend an informational meeting on Tuesday 6/20/06 at 6 p.m. in the auditorium at Norris Rd. Those attending will have to write a brief essay and will sit through a short interview. We will also be explaining the cost breakdown and expectations.

Contract Negotiations Temporarily Delayed [Posted June 13, 2006]
KCDOA received late word that the CAO's office was not prepared to meet with us on Wednesday May 31st as originally planned.  It looks as though our next (2nd) contract negotiation meeting will occur in late June or early July.  
Join Larry Studer On Election Night [Posted May 23, 2006]

At the Tam O' Shanter - 2345 Alta Vista Drive

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 - Starting at 6pm

Come for dinner, stay for drinks!

Watch as the results unfold live in a casual setting with your favorite candidate for Sheriff!
Studer for Sheriff Radio Ads [Posted May 23, 2006]
KCDOA President Paul Hussey recently voiced two 'Studer for Sheriff' radio ads.  If you have not heard the ads yet , download them now and check them out.

60 Second Studer Radio Spot
30 Second Studer Radio Spot 

For best results, right click the links above and select "save target as" or "save link as".

New Grand Jury Report Finds Problems In The Detention Bureau
[Posted May 18, 2006]
The complete report is available here.

Excerpts below...

Mandatory Overtime and Understaffing
:  "Inadequate staffing at the Lerdo Facilities appears to be a continuing issue.  A mandatory overtime policy for staff was recently initiated which will assist in the short run but may not be feasible in the long run due to “burn out” and other staffing issues such as excessive use of sick leave.  The Committee was informed that two new detentions academies are being offered and expectations are that additional staff members will be hired within the next year.  Staff noted a discouraging recent trend indicates a lack of qualified persons applying for the job of detention deputy."

Condition Of Facilities:  "Another continuing issue is the physical condition of the Lerdo Minimum Facility. Individual buildings have been rehabilitated as fiscal conditions have allowed but a long term look at where the County needs to be in the future should be undertaken now.  Staff indicated replacing the Minimum Facility with a new one with 1,000 beds would cost approximately $200 million.  Currently, a common practice is to close down one Lerdo Minimum Facility barracks for rehabilitation while the others remain available for inmate use."

MEDIA:  The Bakersfield Californian - Lerdo Jail Needs Improvements, Grand Jury Says
May Board Meeting Announced [Posted May 9, 2006]
The next KCDOA Board of Directors meeting is set and your attendance is welcomed and encouraged.  Find out the latest information regarding our current contract negotiations, the Sheriff's political race, and more.   The meeting is open to all KCDOA members and everyone's input is appreciated!  


TUESDAY, MAY 30th, 2006
1930 Hours


Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road

New Uniforms Are Approved And In Policy [Posted May 4, 2006]
The new 5.11 uniforms have been approved and departmental policy has been updated.   The information below (styles and model numbers etc) is based on the prototype uniform that KCDOA viewed several weeks ago.  Check departmental policy prior to ordering...
5.11 Men's Class B L/S Shirt Poly Rayon

LA Police Gear
5.11 Tactical $49.99
5.11 Tactical TDU Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop Pant
(GREEN) Model # 74003

LA Police Gear $34.99
5.11 Tactical $39.99
Quartermaster $34.99
And available locally at:
Phone: 323-1659
Phone: 323-4512
Phone: 587-1700
Saba's is currently not listed as
a 5.11 dealer.
KCDOA Endorses Larry Studer For Sheriff [Posted May 3, 2006]
KCDOA announced it's support for Sheriff's candidate Larry Studer yesterday after a vote of the KCDOA membership and it's Board of Directors.  The announcement was made at the Fallen Officers Memorial located in the front public access area of the Sheriff's Department facility on Norris Road.  KCDOA President Paul Hussey and Larry Studer both made statements to those in attendance.  Prior to the endorsement vote, all 7 candidates participated in video taped interview sessions in which the candidates answered questions from KCDOA members and the KCDOA Board of Directors. 

Television coverage by KERO Channel 23 and KGET Channel 17
(links will be posted when and if available)

The Bakersfield Californian - Sheriff Candidate Says Large Sign Got Trashed

(Studer Endorsement at end of article)

KUZZ Radio - Studer gets Jailers' Endorsement For Sheriff
(originally posted on the KUZZ news page)

Detentions deputies are endorsing Sergeant Larry Studer for sheriff. The 23 year department veteran says the beating death of an inmate last summer is an example of Mack Wimbish' lack of leadership. "...secondly, there was a failure in training. I believe that our supervisors - whether it's deputy sheriffs or detentions deputy sergeants - need additional training in how to handle critical incidences." Studer says because Wimbish removed a camcorder in 2003 that he put in the jail basement to document the movement of uncooperative inmates - we'll never know what really happened or who is responsible for the death of James Moore.

KCDOA And COPS Donate To The Kern Veterans Memorial Foundation
[Posted April 27, 2006]
Earlier today, the Kern County Detention Officers Association and California Organization of Police and Sheriffs made a significant contribution to the Kern Veterans Memorial Foundation.  Several people spoke at the event including KCDOA President Paul Hussey, KVMF President Wendell Gustin, businessman Joe Colombo, and local attorney George Martin.  Also present from COPS were Executive Director Monty Holden, Director of Field Services Don Ruiz and Field Representative Norm Adams.  In his speech, President  Paul Hussey stated that the freedoms we all enjoy are directly attributed to the service and sacrifice of our veterans...  He then challenged the other employee associations and unions, particularly those representing safety service employees, to make similar contributions to the Kern Veterans Memorial Foundation. 

KERO Channel 23 - Veterans Memorial Gains New Ally

Click on the thumbnail images below to display larger images.  
Photography by KCDOA / COPS member J. Sudaria.


Sheriff Candidates Meet With Californian Editorial Board
Posted April 26, 2006 - Updated April 27, 2006]
All of the candidates running for Kern County Sheriff recently spoke before the editorial board of the Bakersfield Californian in an effort to gain their endorsement.  The Californian's editorial board has not yet endorsed a candidate, but indicated that they would be doing so prior to the June 6th primary election.

The Bakersfield Californian - Sheriff Candidates Criticize Incumbent Wimbish - VIDEO
The Bakersfield Californian - Sheriff Candidates Debate Response To Jail Beating Death - VIDEO
(Registration May Be Required)

2006 Contract Negotiations Beginning Soon [Posted April 26, 2006]
Your KCDOA contract negotiating team has been solidified and preparations are underway.  President Hussey, Vice President Dees, Secretary Leal, and Treasurer Santillan will once again be serving on the negotiating team.  They are joined by new team member S. Robinson who will add another new and fresh perspective to the process.
Endorsement Ballots To Be Counted Monday, April 24 [Posted April 21, 2006]
Any KCDOA member who would like to assist and/or observe the ballot counting is welcome to join us.

Monday, April 24th, 2006
1000 am

Village Grill
2809 F street
(corner of 28th and F Streets)
Endorsement Ballots Will Be Arriving Soon [Posted April 04, 2006]
Keep an eye out for your KCDOA Sheriff candidate endorsement ballot...  You should receive one in the mail within the next few days.  Use the ballot to voice your opinion on whether or not a candidate for Sheriff should be endorsed prior to the June 6th primary election, and if so, who?  Ballots must be mailed back and received by KCDOA no later the 1700 hours on Friday April 21, 2006.
Sheriff Candidate Mike Lage Launches Campaign Web Site [Posted April 04, 2006]
If you would like to learn more about Sheriff candidate Mike "Tracker" Lage, check out his new campaign web site at:  Currently, only Steve Perez is without a campaign web site...  All of the candidates web site links and contact email addresses are located in the bottom right corner of this page.
Chief Deputy Coroner Jim Malouf Retires Suddenly
[Posted March 30, 2006
- Updated April 1, 2006 ]
Chief Deputy Jim Malouf, a 21 year veteran who has been in charge of the Coroner's office, unexpectedly announced his retirement earlier today.  Mr. Malouf is apparently unhappy with Sheriff Wimbish's recent "reorganization" which stripped him of his power and placed a Commander over his Division.

KGET Channel 17 - Chief Deputy Coroner Retires Unexpectedly - VIDEO
The Bakersfield Californian - Coroner's Official Retires In Shake-Up
(Registration May Be Required)
Sheriff Candidates Go On The Offensive At KNZR Debate [Posted March 30, 2006]
Earlier this afternoon, all seven Sheriff candidates participated in a 2 hour debate sponsored by KNZR Newsradio.  During the first hour and a half of the debate the candidates answered questions submitted online by KNZR listeners, but in the last half hour they were able to directly ask questions of one another.  Candidate Larry Studer took the opportunity to quiz Donny Youngblood on the origin of the confidential departmental addresses that allegedly arrived on his doorstep recently.  Candidate Youngblood disclaimed having any knowledge about the source of the address list, which he apparently used for a subsequent election related mailing.  Studer continued questioning Youngblood about possible policy violations related to the possession and use of the confidential information, but Youngblood refused to answer.

KERO Channel 23 - Sheriff Candidates Face Off In Debate

Uniform Inspection In The News [Posted March 23, 2006]
Sheriff Wimbish's decision to hold a second "Class A" uniform inspection in less than a year is being questioned by some as a poor use of funds and a waste of taxpayers money.  The inspection is estimated to cost at least $30,000 dollars...  In theory, that same money could be used to employ another trainee offsetting the current low staffing levels or to pay for well over half of one of the new patrol cars (now costing over $50K per fully equipped).


KERO Channel 23 - KLEA Questions Wimbish About Uniform Inspection
KGET Channel 17 - Deputies Dress Code Inspection Under Controversy  - VIDEO
The Bakersfield Californian - Sheriff Sets Off Squabble By Ordering Inspection

(Registration May Be Required)
Sheriff Candidates Debate At Rosewood Retirement Center [Posted March 21, 2006]
Last night, all seven Sheriff candidates participated in a debate hosted by the Rosewood Retirement Center.  KCDOA attended the event and listened closely to each of the candidates thoughts and ideas for the Detention Bureau and the Department as a whole.   Topics covered included low staffing levels, depressed employee morale, and the apparent divisiveness between the red and blue patch classifications.

KERO Channel 23 - Sheriff Candidates Prepare For Debate - VIDEO
The Bakersfield Californian - Sheriff Candidates Face Off In Forum
(Registration May Be Required)
Seven Hours, Seven Candidates [Posted March 16, 2006 - Updated March 21, 2006]
KCDOA has scheduled an all day event for our membership to learn more about the seven candidates running for Sheriff.  Each candidate is scheduled to visit with KCDOA for a 1 hour segment and all KCDOA members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

KCDOA would like to thank KCFFU for the use of their hall!

FRIDAY, MARCH 24th, 2006
0900 to 1600 Hours
Steve Perez
J.R. Rodriguez
Chevy Garza
Mike Lage
Mack Wimbish
Larry Studer
Donny Youngblood

Kern County Fire Fighters Hall
3615 Mount Vernon Ave
(corner of Mt. Vernon and University)
The New KCDOA Online Store [Posted March 16, 2006]
The Kern County Detention Officers Association has opened an online store through   There are over 50 items available, each emblazoned with the KCDOA logo.  CHECK IT OUT!
Partisan Sheriff Candidate Debate [Posted March 15, 2006]
The six -republican- candidates vying for Sheriff faced off in a debate yesterday sponsored by Bakersfield Republican Women.  Candidate J.R. Rodriguez, a registered Democrat, was not invited, and as a result candidate Mike Lage walked out stating, "...I don't think it's a level field."

Media: Bakersfield Californian Article  - AUDIO and KGET Channel 17 - VIDEO
March Board Meeting Announced [Posted March 10, 2006]
There's a lot going on right now...  Plan on attending the upcoming board meeting to stay informed and discuss the issues that affect all of us.  The meeting is open to all KCDOA members and everyone's input is appreciated!  Get active in your union!

1930 Hours

Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road
KCDOA Meeting With Sheriff Wimbish & Chief Nelson [Posted March 8, 2006]
Earlier today, KCDOA met with Sheriff Wimbish and Chief Nelson.  Several topics were discussed including a possible new uniform (approval pending - maybe within weeks), possible department wide implementation of Tasers, and consideration for the future use of collapsible batons at some locations. 

Additionally, KCDOA has requested the inclusion and full participation of Detention Bureau red patch Deputies into the mandatory overtime rotation, and consideration for Detention Deputy/Officer involvement in future recruiting. 
YET ANOTHER Candidate For Sheriff [Posted March 8, 2006]
Retired Homicide Detective Mike Lage has announced his intention to run for the Kern County Sheriff position.  Lage's law enforcement career spanned over twenty years with both the Wasco Police Department and Kern County Sheriff's Department.  This brings the total number of candidates to an unprecedented -seven-.

Media:  KGET Channel 17 - VIDEO

Board Of Supervisors Vote To Keep Detention Deputy Positions
[Posted February 28, 2006 - Updated March 01, 2006]
Earlier today the Kern County Board of Supervisors revisited the Sheriff's Department proposal to add Deputy Supervisors and delete Detention Deputy positions.  Chief Nelson and Sheriff Wimbish again spoke in favor of the proposal while KCDOA President Paul Hussey and KCDOA Director Todd Dearmore spoke against it.  Also speaking against the idea was Sheriff candidate Larry Studer and KCDOA members J. Ashley and R. Turnbaugh.  Originally the item was scheduled for the A.M. session of the board, but do to the large number of speakers, it was eventually carried over until the afternoon session.  Supervisor Maben made a motion (seconded by Supervisor Watson) to approve the proposal if the Sheriff's Department absorbed the increased costs from their current budget and did not delete any Detention Deputy positions.  All four Supervisors voted in favor (Supervisor McQuiston was absent).

MEDIA: The Bakersfield Californian - Board OKs sheriff's bid to shift street staffers to jail - AUDIO

CCAPE Raises Dues [Posted February 17, 2006]
The CCAPE Board of Directors has voted to "restructure" the dues paid by it's members, and as a result, the maximum dues paid by some CCAPE members is now $40 per month (an increase of nearly 25%).  One of the reasons cited for the increase in dues is the "...large loss of membership for the first time in our 67 year history..." which in large part refers to the Detention and Probation groups successfully voting to remove themselves from CCAPE's representation.  And another dues increase seems to be lurking just around the corner for CCAPE members as the current message on the CCAPE web site states, "That max is scheduled to increase again next year partly based on a requirement in the SEIU Constitution that any cap be indexed for the future."  
Board Of Supervisors Postpones CRF Add/Delete
[Posted February 14, 2006 - Updated February 18, 2006]
Earlier today, the Board of Supervisors postponed a proposed request by the Sheriff's Department to delete 5 Detention Deputy Sergeant positions and 1 Detention Deputy position.  The department is seeking to simultaneously add 4 Deputy Sergeant positions and 4 Senior Deputy positions.  Chief Nelson spoke in favor of the department's plan while KCDOA President Hussey spoke in opposition.  Additionally, Sheriff candidate Larry Studer spoke out against the plan and disputed the actual costs associated with it.  As a result, Michael Turnipseed of the Kerntax watch dog agency subsequently asked that the issue be tabled.  The Board of Supervisors then asked Chief Nelson several additional questions and ultimately postponed the issue until the Board of Supervisors meeting on February 28th.  KCDOA members are encouraged to view the KGOV recorded video of the Board of Supervisors meeting (February 14, 2006 - a.m. session) available in the link below.  This encoded version of the video is poor and a higher quality version will hopefully be available soon.

VIDEO: Excerpt of KGOV coverage - 14 FEB 2006 Board of Supervisors Meeting
[ Right click link and select "save target as" or "save link as", when done, open with RealPlayer ]
Perez Joins Race For Sheriff [Posted January 18, 2006]
Former Supervisor Steve Perez has decided to run for Sheriff, bringing the total number of candidates to six.

Media coverage:  Bakersfield Californian, KGET Channel 17 - VIDEO, and KERO Channel 23.

Mandatory Overtime Update & Request To Close Max [Posted January 14, 2006]
KCDOA has had several recent meetings with Detention Bureau administration regarding mandatory overtime.  Although KCDOA remains strongly opposed to mandatory overtime, we have been working closely with the Lieutenants in an effort to improve the implementation of it and protect our members.  Several abuses of the system have been identified and brought to their attention and they have pledged to resolve them.  Additionally, we have been told that the exemption reward for overtime volunteers will soon be in place along with the inclusion of Senior Officers into the mandatory overtime rotation pending completion of their ongoing supervisors Advanced Officer school in mid-February.  In the near future, one person will be in charge of assigning the bulk of the mandatory overtime.  We are told that person will make a good faith effort (but with no guarantees) to assign night squad personnel to night shift overtime and likewise for the day shift squads.
KCDOA believes that one of the best, quickest, and most realistic options available to reduce mandatory overtime is the temporary closure of the Max-Med facility.  Obviously this would not eliminate mandatory overtime, but it would help by reducing it substantially.  The letter to the right is an official request submitted to Chief Nelson by KCDOA asking for the temporary closure of the Max-Med facility.

Chevy Garza Link Updated [Posted January 10, 2006]
The web site link for Chevy Garza which was originally posted on January 3rd was not current.  Chevy Garza's current web site is located at:  Anyone who tried to contact the Garza campaign in the last week via that link should send another message to the email address on the updated link.  
January Board Meeting Announced [January 05, 2006]
JOIN US!  All members are encouraged to attend the January KCDOA board meeting.  Topics to be discussed include Sheriff candidate endorsement, another round of contract negotiations, agency shop/fee payer situation, mandatory overtime update, starting a shop steward program, and welcoming of the 3 new Directors to the KCDOA board.

All KCDOA members are welcome and your input is appreciated!  Be involved, be proactive...

1930 Hours

Papa O’s Pizza Restaurant
Corner of Hageman & Coffee Road
From The "Can't We All Just Get Along" Department [January 05, 2006]
The discussion forum area has been removed.  Many of the recent postings were nothing more than anonymous insults of others.  That wasn't  the intended use for the forum, but lately that has been its primary use and it will not be tolerated.  It is really unfortunate, because the forum activity was really beginning to pick up, but the positive aspects of it have been eclipsed by the negative.  If the forum ever returns it will most certainly have more rules and guidelines governing its usage.   
Studer Joins Race For Sheriff [Posted January 03, 2006 - Updated January 10, 2006]
The field of candidates for Sheriff continues to grow...   Sergeant Larry Studer is the latest person enter the fray (now totaling 5 candidates).

Media coverage: 
Bakersfield Californian and KGET Channel 17 - VIDEO

And here are the web sites for all of the announced candidates:

Larry Studer
Donny Youngblood
JR Rodriguez
Chevy Garza
Mack Wimbish
New KCDOA MOU Approved by the Board of Supervisors [December 16, 2005]
Last Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors approved the new KCDOA MOU and contract.  Here is the actual text taken from the summary of proceedings:

*28) Proposed Memorandum of Understanding with the Kern County Detention Officers' Association for bargaining units T and V for the term July 1, 2005 though June 30, 2006, to provide retroactive salary increase of 5% effective July 9, 2005 (Fiscal Impact: $1,236,000; Not Budgeted; Discretionary) - APPROVED; AUTHORIZED CHAIRMAN TO SIGN AGREEMENT 1048-2005; DIRECTED AUDITOR-CONTROLLER-COUNTY CLERK, DIRECTOR OF PERSONNEL AND COUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER TO IMPLEMENT Maben-Patrick: All Ayes

New MOU Update And Pay Raise Info [December 01, 2005]
Earlier today your KCDOA and COPS negotiating team signed the new MOU between the County of Kern and KCDOA.  It is tentatively scheduled to be formally recognized by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday,  December 13th.  The dates are not set in stone yet, but it looks like the pay raise will go into effect on pay period 06-01 (Jan 31 Payday) and the retro pay will be added to pay period 06-02 (Feb 14 Payday).
Another Candidate For Sheriff [November 30, 2005]
Retired Sheriff's Department Commander Donny Youngblood has announced that he will be running for Sheriff against incumbent Mack Wimbish and challengers J.R. Rodriguez and Chevy Garza.

KERO Channel 23 - Sheriff's Department Veteran Announces Candidacy For Top Spot
The Results Are In [November 24, 2005]
First of all, a big "thank you" goes out to everyone who took the time to vote in the inaugural KCDOA election.  In a strong demonstration of participation, nearly two thirds of the KCDOA membership voted.  KCDOA members have ratified the current offer from the County and elected three new people on to the KCDOA Board of Directors.  Congratulations to new Board Members Todd Dearmore, Robert Pfeifle, and Greg Morgan!  Their insight, intelligence, and motivation will strengthen KCDOA and benefit the entire membership.
Current Contract Offer New Board Members
YES: 174
NO: 4
[ 91 ] Greg Morgan
[ 91 ] Robert Pfeifle
[ 78 ] Todd Dearmore

[ 75 ] Dixie Walters
[ 74 ] Michael Bryant
[ 54 ] Jackie Joyner
[ 50 ] Scott Robinson
The CAO's office will be notified about the contract ratification on Monday, November 28, and soon after that it will go back to the Board of Supervisors.  As soon as we have additional details, or a timetable for implementation of the raise/retro, it will be posted here.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the election and assisted/attended the ballot counting meeting last night.  Your involvement makes KCDOA a better and stronger organization. 
Sheriff Candidates Spar At First Open Forum [November 19, 2005]
Last Thursday night, the Bakersfield Chapter of the RNHA (Republican National Hispanic Assembly) hosted the first open forum discussion/debate between the 3 announced Sheriff candidates.  Incumbent Sheriff Wimbish duked it out with challengers Sergeant Chevy Garza and Sergeant JR Rodriguez.  KCDOA attended the event and paid close attention to all of the candidates statements.

KERO Channel 23 - Sheriff Candidates Face Off In Debate
KGET Channel 17 - Debate For Sheriff - VIDEO
KBAK Channel 29 - Three Candidates Running For Sheriff... - VIDEO
Knott's Berry Farm And Another Drug Recall [November 17, 2005]
It's that time of year once again...  Free admission to Knott's Berry Farm!

CatalystRX November bulletin mentions that the drug Cylert has been pulled off the market and announces the availability of a new generic drug. 

Click on the thumbnail images below to view the actual flyers.
It's KCDOA Election Time [November 09, 2005]
The ballots have been printed and mailed out...  If you haven't already received yours, it should be arriving soon!  This election will bring three additional people on to the KCDOA Board of Directors and provide clear direction as to whether or not we will accept or reject the County's current contract offer.  Please participate in this voting process and motivate your co-workers to do the same. 

In order for your vote to be counted, ballots must be returned in the postage paid envelope (via USPS mail -only-) and be received by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, November 22, 2005.   Make sure you print AND sign your name on the provided lines of the return envelope, otherwise your ballot will be discarded.  All of the valid ballots will be opened and counted at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at Papa O's pizza restaurant on the corner of Coffee and Hageman Roads.  All KCDOA members are welcome to attend this meeting to observe or assist in the ballot counting process.
KCDOA Welcomes It's New Vice President [October 26, 2005]
During the KCDOA board meeting last night, Kevin Dees was appointed KCDOA Vice President (as he ran unopposed) and immediately assumes the position on the Board of Directors.  Kevin has been very active in KCDOA and in CCAPE prior to that.  Kevin's experience, knowledge, and charisma will continue to be an asset to the association and it's membership. 
Board Meeting Wrap Up [October 26, 2005]
A big "thank you" goes out  to everyone who attended the second public KCDOA Board Meeting last night!  Highlights included the appointment of Kevin Dees to the Vice President position, COPS guest representative Mike Dicesare fielding questions from members, and free KCDOA T-shirts for everyone in attendance.
Devastating Loss [Posted October 21, 2005 - Last updated October 28, 2005]
As I'm sure you're already all to aware, two of our co-workers (and friends) have died after a horrific vehicle collision.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of Corey Wahl and Josh Stancliff.  If you have any comments regarding this situation, feel free to post them in the message forum area.  Here are the related reports filed by local news agencies regarding this tragedy:
KGET Channel 17:

Initial Report - VIDEO
Deputy (Stancliff) A Great Father - VIDEO
Deputy (Wahl) Laid To Rest - VIDEO
Family Mourns Death (Stancliff) - VIDEO
Ryan Edwards Arraignment

KERO Channel 23:

Initial Report
Impact, Not Fire, Cause Of Death
Deputy (Wahl) Laid To Rest
KBAK Channel 29:

Initial Report - VIDEO
Follow-up Report -
Small Memorial At Crash Site - VIDEO
Vigil for Corey Wahl - VIDEO


Californian Article (Free Registration Required)
Californian Obituary - Corey Wahl

Californian Obituary - Josh Stancliff
One Bakersfield Article
Board Meeting Scheduled [October 03, 2005]
It's that time again!   Come join us as we discuss the ongoing contract negotiations, the upcoming KCDOA elections, and more.  Routine KCDOA business will take place, followed by an open forum discussion.  Open to all KCDOA members.

7:30 PM

Election Candidates Set [October 01, 2005]
Your candidates for the November KCDOA election are now set as the entry deadline has passed.  Best of luck to everyone involved!  For additional background information and platform statements from the candidates, check out the candidate information page.

There are 7 candidates running for the 3 vacant Board Member positions:
Michael Bryant
Jackie Joyner
Robert Pfeifle
Dixie Walters
Todd Dearmore
Greg Morgan
Scott Robinson
There is 1 candidate for the vacant Vice-President position:

Kevin Dees
Contract Negotiations Progressing [September 27, 2005]
It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, with contract negotiations being on, suspended, off, back on, and so forth, but there seems to be some headway being made now.  The next negotiation meeting is set for Thursday September 29th.  Keep checking the web site for the latest news and information.
New Logo and Website Revision [September 27, 2005]
KCDOA has a new logo, and in honor of it, the KCDOA web site has undergone a color change and slight revision.  If you have any comments about the new logo or anything else, post a message in the discussion forum.
Contract Negotiations To Resume [August 24, 2005]
KCDOA has received word from the County that they would like to resume contract negotiations immediately.
COPS Memo to all members [August 17, 2005]
Please be aware of this in the event of a
critical incident or emergency call out.
County Requests 4 Month Contract Negotiation Suspension [August 12, 2005]
KCDOA has received word from the County that they would like to temporarily suspend all ongoing contract negotiations for four months pending the outcome of an actuarial study of their retirement system.  Recently in the news there have been several reports and articles detailing the apparent shortfall.
County Adopts 2005-06 Budget [August 12, 2005]
Last Tuesday, the Kern County Board of Supervisors adopted a budget for the 2005-2006 year.  Despite all the news and information about dire financial times and looming budget cuts earlier in the year, the reality of the situation seems to be completely different.  The bottom line is that the new budget is up 90 million dollars over last year's budget, which is an 8.6% increase.  If you remember, the 2004-2005 budget was similar, as it rose 65 million dollars over the previous year, a 6+% gain.  So in a two year period, the budget has risen 155 million dollars and approximately 15% thanks in part to increased property values, higher oil prices, and an increased amount of money received from the state etc.


Recently, the SEIU and Teamsters organizations elected to leave the AFL-CIO union.  As a result, the investigation of an "article 20" violation involving COPS, KCDOA, and CCAPE now becomes a non-issue.  Ironically, SEIU left the AFL-CIO much in the same way the Kern County Detention Officers chose to leave CCAPE.

14 JUL 2005 - Election Notice

KCDOA is proud to announce the availability of 4 additional positions on the KCDOA Board of Directors.  Members elected into these positions will serve a 2 year term (January 2006 through December 2007).  The currently vacant positions are:

3 Board Members and Vice President

Any KCDOA member is welcome to run and anyone interested must submit a short letter or email to KCDOA by 1700 hours on Saturday October 1st, 2005.  Your communication must simply and clearly state your intention to run, the position sought, and a concise platform statement if you choose to include one.  Your letter can be submitted to any of the 3 existing KCDOA Officers, mailed to KCDOA, or emailed to:

This election is scheduled to occur during November 2005.

03 JUL 2005 - Board Meeting Wrap Up

Last Thursday night was the first public Board Meeting of KCDOA and many of you attended.  Thank you!  The meeting lasted approximately two hours and several items were discussed including KCDOA finances, ongoing contract negotiations, an update on COPS, initial planning for the upcoming KCDOA election, open forum discussions, and more.  Many questions were answered and the overall mood was very positive.  As these meetings continue in the future, look for the minutes from each one to be posted here on the web site.  

17 JUN 2005 - Board Meeting Notice

You’re invited!   Topics to be discussed include the ongoing contract negotiations and the upcoming KCDOA elections.  There will also be an open forum discussion, and routine KCDOA business.  Open to all KCDOA members.


7:30 PM


14 JUN 2005 - Meet & Confer With The Chief

Earlier today, your KCDOA and COPS representatives met with Chief Williamson and Lieutenant Wright regarding the upcoming shift bids and associated mandatory female roster positions.  As a result of the recent and ongoing promotions, the next shift bid will most likely be postponed 1 or 2 weeks.  Also, there was discussion about the necessity of increasing the number of mandatory female roster positions.  As a result, each of the 4 Pre-Trial squads will contain 1 additional mandatory female roster position.  All other locations and squads will remain unchanged.

09 JUN 2005 - Contract Negotiations Update

Contract negotiations are proceeding, and your KCDOA negotiating team will be meeting with the County again on July 6th to continue working toward a new contract.  The list below is a generalized partial representation of some of the items being proposed to the county:

01  Keep the current MOU intact and add new items into it
02  Medical and dental plan improvements
03  Lock Detention Deputy/Officer pay in 15% behind Deputy Sheriff II pay
04  Agency shop agreement / Fair Share Provision
05  Include current shift bid procedure and 12 hour shifts into MOU
06  Increase of CTO limit to 80 hours
07  Remove new employee contributions toward medical and retirement
08  Retro pay to July, 1 2005
09  5% pay increase for armed Detention Deputies

09 JUN 2005 - Membership Surges

KCDOA membership has surpassed the 250 mark and continues to grow!  The ongoing support for KCDOA is an example of our combined strength and unity.  Thank you!

27 MAY 2005 - County Medical Plan Update

The County Administrative Office has released a letter detailing the health plan administration transition progress from Schaller Anderson to Gallagher Benefits Administrators.  You can read the letter here

Also released today is a related document that lists the physicians and ancillary providers that have not yet signed on with Gallagher Benefits Administrators.  Some of the listed Doctors and offices are no longer practicing in the area, or they are not available to participate in the network.  Gallagher personnel will begin trying to contact the affected members next week and assist them in selecting a new personal physician.

27 MAY 2005 - Article 20 Info

There are some rumors circulating about a possible "Article 20" violation regarding the Detention Officers decertifying from CCAPE, forming KCDOA, and KCDOA subsequently affiliating with COPS.  An Article 20 violation relates to one union raiding another.  As of now, an Article 20 violation has not been filed.  Legal counsel representing SEIU and CWA, the respective parent unions of CCAPE and COPS, have been in contact with each other, but no action has been taken thus far.  

27 MAY 2005 - Contract Negotiations Underway

Contract negotiations are finally set to begin next Wednesday, June 1st.  Updates will be regularly available here on  KCDOA members participating will be Paul Hussey, Anthony Leal, Martin Santillan, and Danny Dees.

26 MAY 2005 - Dues Begin, Membership Increases

As you may have noticed, KCDOA is now taking dues in the amount of $16.15 per check.  If you are still paying dues to CCAPE, and you no longer wish to, you may want to call them at 325-7487.  Several people have reported that they still had CCAPE dues taken out even though they had turned in a blue CCAPE resignation card.  Remember, CCAPE will not cease your dues if you have membership dependent business through them (such as insurance etc).

KCDOA membership is currently 230 strong and more of our coworkers are signing up every day.

28 APR 2005 - KCDOA Affiliates with COPS

After meeting with both COPS (California Organization of Police and Sheriffs) and PORAC (Peace Officer Research Association of California), along with a close and detailed examination of the pros and cons of both organizations, KCDOA has chosen to affiliate with COPS. There were several factors involved, which made PORAC an unavailable option at this time.

1.     PORAC requires prepayment of all member dues for a 3-month period before coverage and affiliation would begin. This would require an immediate and upfront payment of approximately $15,000 (at current KCDOA membership levels). Given this, KCDOA would have to collect union dues for 3 months before an affiliation with PORAC would even become possible and during that time, Detention Officers/Deputies would have no legal representation provided by KCDOA.

2.     KCDOA members would not be “full members” of PORAC without the approval of the KLEA Board of Directors. That could happen, but it certainly isn’t guaranteed. If the KLEA Board of Directors chose to not approve of KCDOA joining PORAC as full members then we would only be able join PORAC as “associate members” with no voting rights.

3.     PORAC LDF (Legal Defense Fund) usage is evaluated regularly by PORAC and as a result, the dues paid for their LDF would be adjusted higher or lower depending on KCDOA member usage. That could cause KCDOA dues to rise to an undesirable level.

4.     PORAC does not participate in or assist with contract negotiations. Instead, PORAC offers classes in contract negotiations and can provide a list of labor relations specialists or attorneys who will provide the service for a substantial fee.

Alternatively, COPS has already begun its coverage of KCDOA members, ensuring no lapse in legal defense or administrative coverage as we complete the transition from CCAPE to KCDOA. COPS is not requiring any payment from KCDOA until later this summer and is providing immediate coverage and support to KCDOA free of charge. COPS also provides its legal services for a flat fee that does not raise or lower based on usage by KCDOA.  Contract negotiation is an included service as part of COPS coverage.

The KCDOA Interim Officers are primarily concerned with the legal protection of KCDOA members and avoiding any lapse in coverage for our members. If you need assistance or information from COPS, please call 1-800-352-7516.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to the upcoming contract negotiations and KCDOA Officer election. Thank you!

28 APR 2005 - KCDOA Membership Nears 200

Membership applications continue to roll in as approximately two thirds of all Kern County Detention Officers have already joined KCDOA in a very short time frame!  Ask your coworkers if they have signed up yet, and if they haven't, point them to a KCDOA Membership Application

20 APR 2005 - Informational meeting with PORAC

YOU’RE INVITED ...AGAIN! - In our continuing effort to seek out a suitable law enforcement specific organization for possible union affiliation with, we have scheduled another public informational meeting.  This time, PORAC (Peace Officer Research Organization of California) would like the opportunity to inform you about the benefits that are available to their members.  And we too, in KCDOA, would like to once again be available for questions that you may have for us as well.  Once again, everyone is welcome, KCDOA members, and perspective members alike.    GET INVOLVED!  -  HAVE A SAY!  -  JOIN KCDOA!

MONDAY, APRIL 25th, 2005
1730 to 2030 Hours
Lerdo Blue Room


19 APR 2005 - Board of Supervisors recognition

Earlier this afternoon, the Kern County Board of Supervisors voted to recognize the Kern County Detention Officers Association as the exclusive bargaining representative for non-management Detention Officer and Detention Deputy classifications.  The Supervisors voted unanimously 5 to 0 to approve the agenda item and officially recognize KCDOA! 

Here is the CAO document referencing this issue.

12 APR 2005 - CCAPE Dues Continuing

CCAPE has indicated that they plan to continue taking dues from all current CCAPE members in Detentions (and Probation) even after the completion of the transition to KCDOA, as they will still be legally entitled to.   Their intention is to convert all current members into "unrepresented fee" payers.  That fee is between $10 and $11 per pay period.  

 If you wish to remain with CCAPE as an unrepresented member and/or you have a service provided by them in which membership is a prerequisite, this is an option for you.

Anyone who does not want to continue paying the unrepresented fee to CCAPE needs to fill out a CCAPE membership resignation card.  CCAPE has given KCDOA resignation cards for those requesting one, or you can contact CCAPE directly.

07 APR 2005 - Informational meeting with COPS

YOU’RE INVITED! - In the near future, KCDOA may be affiliating with an existing law enforcement organization, such as COPS or PORAC.   These organizations have many years of experience representing and defending specialized law enforcement personnel like ourselves and they appreciate the opportunity to describe their benefits to you.  And we, along with them, would like an opportunity to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  Therefore, pending formal recognition of KCDOA by the Board of Supervisors (on or before April 19), we have scheduled public informational meetings with these groups.  Come join us at the first of these meetings, with COPS (California Organization of Police and Sheriffs).  Everyone is welcome, KCDOA members, and perspective members alike. Be a part of the solution... 

1730 to 2030 Hours
Lerdo Blue Room


07 APR 2005 - Membership Signups Continuing

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up with KCDOA!  The membership (and "mAmbership" ha ha) applications have been coming in at a strong and healthy pace.  Approximately 100 of us have come aboard in just the last 7 days!  Ask your coworkers if they are signed up and provide them with a membership application if need be.  Then route those completed applications back to any of the interim officers.  Remember, we all have an interest in higher wages, better working conditions, strong legal defense, and increased benefits...  A united KCDOA is the first step towards those goals. 

01 APR 2005 - Bakersfield Californian Article

Today's edition of The Bakersfield Californian features an article highlighting all of the recent turmoil and ongoing departures from CCAPE.  Specifically, we are mentioned, along with Probation and California City.  Check it out here (requires free registration).

31 MAR 2005 - Election Results!

The election results are in and KCDOA has been validated by both the supervisory and line staff bargaining unit groups.  Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to support KCDOA during this transitional period.  And for those who did not vote for KCDOA, we continue to strive for your support and welcome both your interests and concerns.  Working together, we can unite on the issues at hand and focus on "our" future and the challenges that lie ahead.  Please complete a KCDOA membership application and return it to
Paul Hussey [Pre-Trial Laundry], Anthony Leal [CRF Utility], or Martin Santillan [CRF Squad 4].

Detention Officer Bargaining Unit  
Total Ballots Mailed 297  
Total Ballots Received 137  
Votes for KCDOA 92  
Votes for CCAPE 44  
Votes for no representation 1  
DO Supervisory Unit    
Total Ballots Mailed 14  
Total Ballot Received 5  
Votes for KCDOA 3  
Votes for CCAPE 2  
Votes for no representation 0  

23 MAR 2005 - Update on KCPOA

Our friends in the Probation Dept, like us, have been attempting to decertify out of CCAPE and form their own bargaining unit.  Unlike us, they did not have an error on their initial ballots...  As a result, their ballots were counted last Friday March 18, 2005.  The results were extremely one-sided as 170 people voted to remove themselves from CCAPE, 2 voted to stay in CCAPE, and 2 voted for no representation at all.

01 MAR 2005 - New (Second) Election Info

Ok, the California State Mediator has scheduled the new election...  The first ballot with the incorrect info (Probation instead of Detention) can be thrown out.  A new second, and hopefully correct ballot will be mailed out on March 14th, 2005.  If you have not received your new ballot by March 18th, please contact us and we will arrange for another ballot to be mailed out to you.  Requests for new ballots will not be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on March 22nd.  For your vote to be counted, your ballot must be received by the California State Mediation and Conciliation Service no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 30th.  All received ballots will be counted on the morning of March 31st, 2005.

28 FEB 2005 - Election Re-Scheduled

As some of you are probably already aware, there is a problem with the ballots that were mailed out by the State of California...  KCDOA was not included on the ballot, and in its place was the Kern County Probation Officer Association.  As a result, the first ballot and corresponding election dates have been cancelled by the California State Mediator.  This error will cause a slight delay and possibly some confusion, but another election will be scheduled shortly.   Please continue checking:  for the latest information regarding this situation.  In an effort to keep as many people informed as possible, consider passing the word about the election.  Your continued support is much appreciated.

09 FEB 2005 - CCAPE's Position

Our association and it's efforts were discussed during the monthly CCAPE board meeting last night.  The CCAPE board, as advised by Mr. Wollesen and Mr. Waide, has chosen not to contest our petitions, therefore avoiding unnecessary delays and the necessity of a Civil Service Hearing on the matter.  Additionally, the CCAPE board voted unanimously to support proceeding directly to an election which will most likely be administered by a neutral third party, such as the California State Conciliatory Service.

Earlier in the day Tuesday, our CCAPE Criminal Justice Unit was being discussed by the Kern County Board of Supervisors in a closed session.

04 FEB 2005 - Latest from the County

Earlier today Mr. Kay Madden, Kern County's Director of Personnel, indicated that it would be approximately two months before our requests would be on the Board of Supervisors agenda.

28 JAN 2005 - We are moving forward...

First of all, a big thank you goes out to everyone who chose to sign the KCDOA petitions when given the chance! The signed petitions were turned in to the County's Personnel Department earlier today.  The two petitions had 179 and 176 signatures respectively.  It was an obvious demonstration of our collective strength and unity to make this happen from start to finish within a 1 week timeframe.  It seems that many people are dissatisfied with their current union representation and believe that we can do better for ourselves.  Keep an eye on this web site as it will be updated with any new events or information related to KCDOA as we become aware of it.  Please keep in mind that WWW.KCDOA.ORG is in its infancy and it will continue to expand.

Thank you for your support.

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